Thursday, November 27, 2008


The usual banter that passes between men and women is good fun but misunderstandings can arise. How many times have you said NO to a man and really meant yes. Then when he thinks you mean no and leaves you think, what’s wrong? You sent a negative word mixed in with a positive vibration. It’s called a mixed message.

A sort of lie. Who lost? You did. And he did. It is in our nature to give a man the run around just a bit so that we don't come over as a total slut. He needs to hear you say NO a couple of times before you allow yourself to be "persuaded" to let him fuck you. Sometimes the more shy or scared types of men haven't worked out that our No's mean...Yes, later, keep asking me and I will say yes and then you can fuck me.

They think in other words that no is no. When we really are not interested we usually don't say No to a guy, we say, look, fuck off. That is NO, that means no, and he knows it means No, but just a No means yes. My advice is not to use No at all if you really mean yes. Better to look a bit shy and flutter our eye lids and say "what?" instead and get him to repeat it ... and then say "you’re being a bit cheeky with me sailor ... sort of egg on him on ... get him to keep talking on that level ... until he gets the message that you really do want him balling deep. If you push him away he may get timid and think you mean fuck off. There are so many potential lays that are lost because of the misuse of the word No. We are such good liars, ladies, that we forget that they think we are telling the truth. We are an eternal mystery to them. We have to be a little more inviting and little bit more explicit to get the message over to the poor dumb wanker.

If you want him, the safest and surest way to get him without him thinking you are a slut is to say so. You can try the direct approach. (Most men aren’t master of the great metaphor, i.e. don’t take hints.) "Anytime anywhere!" Go ahead, practice saying that in the mirror. "I want to fuck you, you hunk" He would have to be a moron to misinterpret that. But its not paying his intelligence any compliments either. And you say that to an intelligent man, I mean a really intelligent man, and he might think you are crazy. You have to get the feel of a situation. It’s a question of sizing him up on more than one level. If he is awake and alive and sensitive, you won’t have to say much. Eye contact will do the trick and the subtlest little gestures get the message over nicely. If he is not Mr. Super Subtle then: "When are you going t take me home then?" try that with some types.

What is he going to say? Tonight! Tomorrow night. You can always put him off a day or two, just to let him know you are only a slut in bed, but otherwise quite shy. But keep the appointment. Ladies have to wake up to the fact that the only way to fulfill your sexual fantasies is to meet the man half way and if he doesn't get the message then go more than half way. Break a few of the stupid rules of protocol. Experiment a bit. Have a little courage. Just remember, the girl is always holding the cards. She can always say fuck off. But if she wants his cock up her vagina, she had better let him know it in terms that can' be mistaken. Try saying yes if he comes onto you, make the date, keep it. That is honest, it works and is refreshing. Yes, there are intelligent, honest men out there, who wear the hearts on their sleeves, or at least half up their sleeves where you can see where they are coming from. Those types you can be open with.

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