Thursday, November 27, 2008

What Every Woman Should Know

We women on the other hand are wired the opposite way, to get and hold onto our man, and make him faithful. He wants all women to be one woman. We want to be the woman that is all women to him. It's psychology! Shall I say that more simply? Its important we really understand this point as it will make his behavior completely understandable. It has to do with evolution. If he didn't want to stick his penis in everything in a skirt, and we didn't want to stop him, making him faithful to just one woman, there would be no dynamic tension between the sexes and there would be no flirtation, and there wouldn't be this endless fascination we seem to have for each other. And don't forget ladies, to a man, we are an eternal mystery. It isn't true what that beastly Jack Nicholson said: “you remember the flick, As Good as It Gets.” Jack plays an author who always writes, he thinks from a woman's perspective.

One of his biggest fans catches him one day in the publisher’s office and asks him straight out how he understands the psychology of women so well. He replies with that dismissive cynicism that only Mr. Nicholson can get away with and still live to tell the tale that its easy. All women think and behave the same as men, but to be a woman you just remove accountability! Beast! Men are just as irresponsible as women, and even more selfish in bed.

It is practically a cliché of sexual conversation that men always get to cum and we women always get a quarter of the way there before he has shot his load and burned out, switched off turned his back and told us to go to sleep. How's that for non-accountability?

There isn't a woman in the world who doesn't feel a surge of power and pride over a man when we can make him orgasm. He doesn't know that it turns us on. A quick test to prove that point is simple. Ever tried and tried to get your man to cum and failed. Remember how that feels? Or feel somehow inadequate? It goes to the core of what makes us women. Our mystery, our allure seems to be only vindicated in the power we have not only to get him to want us, to woo us, to captivate us and to bed us, and then its up to us to finish him off and make him cum. If we can't do that, its like we have failed him. Isn't that right?

We might lie to ourselves and to him and pretend we don't care, but we do, really. He may feel there is something wrong, not with him, but with us, if he fails to get the final ejaculation. That puts us under a certain amount of pressure. So here are some hot tips and suggestions for making that conversation more interesting, and more successful, not just in getting him to the peak experience, but in getting us women there with him. He won't feel anything like the same guilt if we don't climax. It just seems an odd fact of life that we have to get him there though in order to feel defined as a woman. Its part of the Venus Effect to keep him interested. If we succeed he may come back for more and that we may well be interested in, especially if we want to marry him.

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