Thursday, November 27, 2008

The trim and fit guy - a young hunk

I remember meeting one young hunk on holiday. He was trim and fit and, frankly I wanted him badly between my legs. I made it easy for him. I just accepted the first invitation he gave me. Mushroom omelet. He didn’t quite have the nerve to ask me to stay the night, but I figured that it would be equally hard for him to ask me to leave, especially if he wanted me to stay, so I just reclined on his bed, let my skirt ride up to my knickers and fell asleep. The stupid man behaved like a perfect gentleman and slept on the floor next to me. I woke up in the middle of the night, but he was out cold. Tip: men always have an early morning hard on, unless they were blind drunk before they went to sleep. This one was stone cold sober. At dawn he woke up and his penis was doing all the talking. He was up and on top of me and banging away like that ram.

To put it crudely he fucked like a tiger. I was ready and waiting of course. A woman can sense these things, as we all know. I knew that he was going to fuck me. But what I did not know was for how long and how hard. That was the bonus. After I got home and he was still on the island, I wrote him a letter and had to tear it up and write another one because I had written how much I had enjoyed being fucked by him. I changed the word fuck to love. How I enjoyed being “loved” so much by him. It wasn’t strictly speaking a lie.


For a man, if he loves you he has a lust for you. He wants to fuck you hard. He loves to fuck you. You have problems if he doesn’t want to. Patty Smith, that wonderful Legendary Rock Star woman had it dead right when she said that lust is love really. When we accuse a man of being lustful, watch out! What are we really accusing him of? To him, that lust is love.

His vigorous desire to make love is called lust because he hasn’t known us long enough to love us, isn’t that right ladies? Wrong. His lust is instant love. Let’s get that straight. Lust is love when it comes to sex for a man. It translates as love in his mind when he wants to have sex. He wants to because he loves to. Same thing. If it goes further than one night, it may deepen into something more than sexual. No arguments there. In other words, those sparks of sexual attraction are love, not lust. That word lust was invented by people who wanted men and women to feel guilty about sexually wanting each other. And we all know where guilt gets us. Nowhere. It’s a sexual freeze out. There are enough barriers between men and women these days without adding guilt to the list. To say it clearly, never feel guilty about feeling lustful and never make him feel guilty about his so-called lust.

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