Thursday, November 27, 2008

Take Responsibility for your Sex Life

If your lover needs Viagra, never make him feel ashamed of that fact. But if he is a smoker and a drinker, then help him get off those nasty habits and he will be an even better lover. We are promoting sensitivity, health and sexual awareness between men and women as the path to better lovemaking. If viagra is a needed bridge, then it’s a blessing. Treat it as such. It can bring sex alive again for people who were damned to impotence. That is happiness for millions of people to whom it had been denied. A win - win scenario for men and women both!

Take Responsibility for your Sex Life - get sexual satisfaction!

Be Conscious and Willing. The standard get out after a one-night stand is to say that you don't remember anything. He might need that excuse and so might you. But the truth is we all remember everything really. I have to labor this point because if you get this right, you are going to be rewarded in bed night after night for a very long time to come. And that is the name of the game. Sexual satisfaction. Let’s put satisfaction in big letters. SATISFACTION. It is a big word. Think about it. How satisfied have you been? Answer truthfully. Sometimes? Maybe never? Imagine being a woman who can honestly say she is truly brimming with sexual satisfaction, SATISFACTION? The woman who can say that and mean it is probably happy. It is a fact of life that a loved woman looks more radiant. A woman getting “loved” (having a lot of sex) tends to look happier with herself.

So is her partner and probably well on the road to success in other departments of life too. All these tips are designed to liberate you so that you can get SATISFACTION. But not at his expense. That doesn’t work. It must be with him. A truly two-way thing, a cooperative effort. The flashy word for this sexual mutualism is dyadic. Dyadic just means TWO PEOPLE. A relationship. We may as well accept that at the outset and take responsibility for the sex we want because if we do, we are much more likely to get what we want out of the encounter. If he doesn't know that, you definitely should. He might thank you for that later, and he may come back for second helpings again and again. If he doesn’t know, teach it to him, but not with words, but by example, gesture, suggestion. The bludgeon of dissatisfied feminism hasn’t made men or women better lovers or more tolerant. Intelligence is needed. If it doesn’t work, change it. Change the approach. Criticism, nastiness, they all serve to alienate men and women from each other. Sensitivity, kindness, tolerance work much better and everybody will win in bed and beyond. Intelligent.

SELF ESTEEM - Where’s Your’s?

The roots of sexual repression are a loss of self-esteem. Self Esteem can be lost through loss of Satisfaction or not getting what you want out of life, in bed and out of it. You can start by getting what you want in bed and the rest will follow. The only way to get your self-esteem back in bed is to get it back. Take responsibility for your sexual life and mean to have a good time- together. Unless he is really insensitive, he will sense that you care about it and it might make him care about how you feel too. Think of it this way, if you don't care about him in a very conscious deliberate way, he is more likely to use you as a machine for masturbating than not. We all know what that feels like. Those of us who don't are either not paying proper attention, or we are just plain lucky.

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