Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Shape Of Your Body, Your Face

Thin. Fat and Big Bummed. Hourglass body shape. Busty. Well proportioned. Long necked. Short waist. Long waist. Flat abdomen. Paunchy abdomen. Long legged. Short legged. Stumpy. Tall. Small. Medium build.

The truth is a man will want to have sex with most women if they are his type. His type is a pretty broad spectrum. Like he said, he is wired that way. He can be turned on by the idea of shagging six women in close succession. It's male prowess. Natural. He is genetically wired to have those desires. The rest is managing the sexual politics. But the grass root rules don’t change in the politics of attraction. You may have overheard men say in bars, I have to love her face to fuck her.

Now a woman will want him to say, it’s all in the personality. Not true. It’s a myth. Personality is not the first thing a man will go after. Sure, a woman may have a beautiful body and a beautiful face and if her personality is awful, she might not score with a man sensitive to personality. Good looks aren’t everything. But how you look is important. There are five thousand women's monthly magazines proving that point every month of the year. Half of all the books and magazines in print are sold on that one fact. Looks.

Listen to your voice. A voice can be modulated and trained and you can do it yourself. A man can be turned on by a voice and turned off by a face. Look at the billions made out of sex lines. The Voice of a Woman.

Some say a woman dress to outsmart other women. Maybe true in a few nutcases. But really, women dress for men.

Make them perfect, ladies. This is much more important than you may have ever thought. Pay close attention because getting this wrong on a first sexual encounter with a man could lead to disaster in all your future love making. It is vitally important that you get this right the first time. Why? Because first impressions, especially between men and women in a sexual encounter last a long, long time and it takes a lot of undoing a wrong first impression.

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