Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sexual confidence and prowess

Certainly it makes for a very mature approach to sexuality and will indeed produce a great deal of sensual pleasure for all concerned. It will take his understanding of sexuality and himself to new-found heights. Women have a great deal of sexual gravity and not all men will have the necessary confidence and sexual prowess to be able to hand two women at the same time. Some will, and may be coming more from macho pride. But that feeling will pass with maturity. It has nothing to do with “fucking two birds” at the same time. It has to do with the art of love making, and practicing the reemerging sensual arts.

It maybe down to us women really to get this started properly. Men who find themselves in bed with two women are far less likely to feel that they are engaged in a fine art of love making, and much more inclined to think they are involved in a multiple shagging, one then the other experience.

It may in that case be a good idea to discuss it before hand, if this can be done in a mature way and without deadening the excitement of lovemaking. A little uncertainty makes for greater excitement. But a little preparation might go along way to “tuning him in” to what you have planned. He will need to be sexually potent and not tired, as this takes some energy and self-control on his part. Even go so far as to draw little stick diagrams for him, if you don’t have a handy tantric manual and show him the posture.

He may be a tantric expert in which case you are in luck. Don’t count on it. Call the posture the Gobbling Fishes so that you all know what you are talking about if there is a next time, and there should be.

Remember, that when it comes to the ancient arts of love making, we are all beginners. But as long as there is willingness to experiment, and a fair attitude towards each other’s process of sexuality, then how can you lose? You cannot.

Dealing with the emotions is another matter. In the ancient arts of Tantra, two women and one man can lead to a quarrel between the two women if it becomes evident that the man is taking more to one and not the other. This is the danger of repeating the experiment with the same “team”. That preference is going to be natural. The man will most likely start to gravitate towards one woman and slightly less one. He will tend to show that preference by the he chooses to cum inside. He may be a real stud and shoot his load into both of you.

The ideal number of women to share one man in a lovemaking act is, shockingly enough four women, and not two. Certainly the gobbling fishes can only be performed with one man and two women. But there may be four women present. That poor man will have to have a lot of sexual stamina.

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  1. I say this from a relationship perspective and with a mature open mind that many in society would not have an open enough mind (including my own family) to fathom this. However it is accepted in other countries. Searching for information on this topic brings up little information as people simply don't talk about it, but they would be shocked to know it does happen.

    I had two boys from a previous marriage. They are both around 18 years old now. Only I saved myself and left her when they were 5 and 6 (she was not sound of mind and wouldn't give up smoking pot.) I went through a traumatic time seeing both my children and did everything in my power and by law to ensure I was always there for them. I had done some parenting courses and lifestyle management course just to ensure I was on the right track. Eventually, I won full parental responsibility. One has since left home and decided he wanted he's own place, the other was bought back by his Mother and I didn't fight against his wishes. I continue good relations with both of them. The entire process knocked the wind out of me over many years and I felt I never had the chance to be the parent I wanted to be.

    I have since been in a couple of short term relationships with single mother to compensate for my losses and helped those women out with support their children as well.

    I have known a lady long distance for many months, I had spent a few night with her and it was very hot stuff, we have kept in touch for quite some time now. However she had bad experiences with relationships in the past and procrastinates at committing to a relationship, though I'm quite sure she wanted to live with me. I told her basically, if she was to snooze, she would lose, as I would eventually find someone ready for a relationship and didn't have time to smell the flowers. In other words, she knew I was continuing my search for another lady and she has been fine with that. Recently, I met a lovely woman that is almost everything a man can dream of. She is attentive, submissive and wants to see her man happy, but I don't all take, I am a decent human being and value others as much as they value me. I notified the long distance woman of my situation and could tell she was a bit upset, but all the same understood. After discussing it with the woman I have now, whom has PCOS (has trouble conceiving) but would like many children, I explained to her that at my age and the fact I want more children, that I could ill afford to chance her not falling pregnant, but that does not mean I am willing to give up on her. So I asked this other woman if she would hook up with me and share our home with me and I stud them both and we share the load of raising children and the cost of living. However I'm not minded to allow them to walk out and take my children with them (depends on how many there are.) If that were to happen, it would be fair and parental responsibility is a must.

    Well, It's been two months now and I give them both attention, but in private. I'm not out to make either one jealous and it is all done respectfully. I'm beyond 3somes, but if and when they feel comfortable, that's up to them.

    There is much respect and dignity in the home and both women are happy to have a man that looks after them in return. I am lucky, but when the babies start coming out, My family will find out and I'm sure my reputation with them will decline, but What I have is also important to me and they will get over it.

    Anyway, we are good friends and I limit the affection to one or the other in front of them. Easy does it. It's not as easy as I make it sound I assure you and I imagine it will get harder, but being the man in the middle, it is my responsibility to hold it all together into the future.

    This is a genuine story as brief as I could make it.