Thursday, November 27, 2008

Relationship? Married?

It doesn't matter if you are already in a long-term relationship, married, or just looking. Sex is sex, and he will be interested if you are. Most males go for the packaging first, and then they get into the deeper side of our natures. But if he doesn't like the packaging, he may not even want to unwrap the gift inside. But before we get him in the sack let's look at some chat up lines. We know them all. The Nob Head who asks you the question "You know what will look good on you? Answer "Me". Deserves to spend the night masturbating. Same with the "haven't I met you somewhere before?" routine. These guys probably have beer bellies. They are all wankers and probably have a hard time bedding the best of us. If he is a piss head he won’t be performing in bed and if he does manage to cum, he will roll over, belch a filthy beer smelling belch and snore all night, and you will be lying there with a wet vagina wondering where the hell you put your vibrator and if its got batteries for all he cares.

Not all men are good talkers, and the best talkers aren’t necessarily the best in bed. What you want to know is if he has any sensitivity. It doesn’t so much matter if he is cheeky, smart, a good talker, witty, a joke teller and a good laugh. He can be all those things and be lousy as a lover. He can be useless at all those things and be great as a lover. So more fool you if you are being taken in by just the chat up lines. Look at the eyes if you want to know the truth. Is he insensitive? Is he sensitive? Is he asking you questions? Yes. They all do. They know we like him to ask us questions. But is he listening to the answers we are giving him. There is the catch. If he is a salesman he is using the answers to steer us his way. Salesmen are good persuaders, but they are users. They actually don’t care. Can you spot the salesman? Ask him what he does. He is probably a salesman and proud of it. He might be a computer nerd. He might be an engineer, a painter and decorator. What he does will tell you a lot about him, but not much about what kind of lover he is or what kind of man. In other words, look where he is coming from, not at what he does or what he says. If his body is out of shape, then you know he has emotional baggage.

His body is a reflection of what he really thinks about himself. It tells you about his self-discipline, and if he has any or not. This is not so you can criticize or be turned off, but so that you can know. Knowing is better than not knowing. Being interested is better than being bored. The difference is quality. And remember, it’s not a one-way street. If he is smart, he is checking you out too. He is looking at you, seeing if you care about yourself enough to care of your physical appearance. He will see the shape of your body, the clarity of your skin, your hands, nails, and teeth. It all makes an impression. Who you are isn’t so hard to see. How you dress is important, and he will notice that, but if he has an ounce of sense and observance about him he will be imagining what you are like with your clothes off as well as on.

Bottom line. The better in-shape you are, the more men are going to want you in bed. Personality can be sexy, but if you are out of shape, chances are your personality won’t cover it. Tough call, but there it is. And the same goes for him. If he is rich he has the edge on being ugly, fat, over weight, and smelly to boot. If he’s rich. But even then ... Let’s move on to drinking:


Don't Let Him Get Too DRUNK! Or even drunk at all if you can prevent it.

OK. We are not knocking beer and alcohol, (oh yes we are!) but we may as well get something straight. Most men drink and most women drink to get out of their heads, to loosen the grip of obscure emotions, to let the tongue of truth wag more freely and most of all to let your getting into the sack inhibitions drop, so that you don't resist quite as much as you would if you weren't scared and half drunk.

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