Thursday, November 27, 2008

Older Man And Younger Woman

This, believe it or not, works at the energy level. A woman can find love and happiness in an older man. The energy between them in this combination doesn’t harm her or him. Part of the reason why it does not ultimately work the other way round is that women go through a menopause where her hormones change in a very radical way. She can no longer bear children and her whole vibration level starts to change. A man can father children potentially, all his life. A man of 70 or 80 or even older can impregnate any woman of child bearing age, and that age starts when she is pubescent, and has her first period, as early as 12 or 13 in many cases. Most girls start menstruating by the time they are 14 years old, and any man can make her pregnant at practically any age.

This fertility combination is one reason why a man can have a relationship with a younger woman and it can work very successfully. We women tend to put out the propaganda in our own magazines, which we tend to edit and staff with members of our own sex, so naturally very biased and naturally unbalanced, that older men should not be fucking women half their age. But from an energy point of view there is no harm in it. A forty-year-old man can and does fuck women of twenty. A fifty-year-old man can and does fuck women in their early twenties. Many women who go with older men tend to be attracted to the father principle, the sugar daddy idea, the lure of protection, financial security, being looked after.

That is natural because a woman is genetically wired to nurture and a man’s attraction to her may be that he can protect and look after her. So there are social as well as genetic and psychological factors in favor of that dynamic. Whether we women as a gender want to approve of this, it happens, and will continue to happen whether we like it or not. Nature is a stronger force than the prevailing social conditioning, or current fashion in ideas on the subject. It is going to help us women lot to understand these natural forces and work with them rather than try to fight them or oppose them. Ultimately we cannot win against nature herself because wherever we do, the price is usually much higher than anyone can pay. That is something every woman who gets serious about a man should really keep in mind. Its never simple, but that is a very safe assumption to make. It stands to reason. A man’s mother is the strongest force in his life on the female front. If it’s a good solid liberating, understanding, compassionate relationship, he is going to be attracted to women who are like that. Few men, as few women, are really completely well adjusted. That is why there are so many psychiatrists, and so many relationship workshops.

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  1. Yes, a man in his 50's will certainly be attracted to a woman in her 20's, but someone should tell them that unless they have a million dollars for every decade's difference/ fame/fortune or some other large pay-off, the woman in their 20's aren't attracted to them. I see guys on dating sites in their 70's when asked if they want children who say "haven't decided"...oh palease!