Thursday, November 27, 2008

If you want him to go down on you

By the way: Make sure you don’t smell down there. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. That is a golden rule. And use an ante bacteriological soap if you are having a lot of sex in a short time. Make certain you are hygienic and squeaky clean down there. No man I have ever been to bed with ever liked a smelly pussy. There is said it. The ones who do are just weirdos and maybe he needs that fact pointed out to him. If you want him to go down on you, make the dish when he gets there fragrant and sweet smelling so he wants to stay there and lap at your clitoris all night long. No woman likes to go down on a grungy cock either. If he has lived in the last part of the twentieth century and watches TV he may know that already. Make sure he does something about it. Again, be sensitive about hygiene, even his. It is all a learning experience. If you make him feel less of a man, you have blown it before you start.


No woman can make her hygiene sexy. May as well accept that fact. Him cleaning your vagina as a sexy way to get you clean enough for him to go down on is a non-starter. We all know that. But washing his cock with a soapy flannel of anti bacterial soap in the bath or shower can be a wonderful prelude to a love making session. You may do it anyway, but if you have reservations about his hygiene, that is the way to go. If you have been out dancing, go that way anyway. Cleanliness before sex is very confidence building. I know one man who is spotless about his personal hygiene, and he does it without being over the top and crazy about it. But he goes the whole nine yards. He showers for a long time in a hot shower, uses anti bacterial soap, washes his hair, polishes his helmet and his anus thoroughly, and then cleans his teeth and then uses a strong mouth wash.

When that man gets into bed with me, I am already confident he can do anything to and with me. He has the same confidence in me. Isn’t that nice for us. No seriously, it may seem obvious if you are a middle class American or European, but it isn’t obvious at all. It is something that has been learned. Civilization has taught us the importance of cleanliness over thousands of years, but it is still learning how important this is for sexuality between men and women. Women seem to have to learn it from the beginning. If we are not taught it from our parents, we may be lucky enough to learn it from our girl friends, but it isn’t something you want to learn about from your lover or boyfriend. Too embarrassing. He can take it on the chin and learn it from us. Ok, now everyone’s clean…


If you have got him to want the ice cream down in the forest of desire, and got him to like lapping at your clitoris with his tongue then the aim should be to get him to really enjoy it. Think of yourself as the dinner you didn’t cook him and made a meal of yourself. The two eating concepts are so intimately connected you wouldn’t believe it. Instead of eating steak and chips he is eating you with even more relish. The juices that flow out of you onto his tongue and into his mouth also represent an exchange of vital energies. Those vital energies can be really sexually heightening. They are also healing, but that is another story. You want to score your first and even your second orgasm before he penetrates you. If you can gyrate your pelvis gently and respond to him with the natural "ooos" and "aaas" coming out of you or should be coming out of you if you are really enjoying yourself (some men don’t like screamers! So watch the screaming!)

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