Thursday, November 27, 2008

I WANT YOU. He wants you to say it.

Repeat it in the mirror a few hundred times. Engrave it on your handbag. Write it in lipstick on our mirror and rehearse it every day. You see him out on your hunting grounds. You mouth it like a whisper across the room, across the street, in a shop (that is new) to him. I...WANT...YOU...and give your eyes a sparkle. Try it on one of those boring train journeys. At an airport. I..Want..You ... have your email address handy and give it to him…have cards printed with just your mobile number and email address on…you might catch the love of your life if you are prepared. He will look at you in a whole new light. He will be over and start to chat you up. And you are home and dry. He takes you home, or you take him to yours. Never mind the coffee or the tea. Give him a glass of Glucose instead and straight to bed. Put on the music. Get yourself fresh and clean. And get down to business. That is what he wants. Remember his ladies He wants you to say it.

And if he has any balls about him he will say it to you. So what do you do if he smiles at you across the room and says I WANT YOU..or whatever the line is? What do you do? You giggle t your girlfriends and fiddle with our handbag and fidget. Sit still. Look him straight back in the eye and give him a warm come on then smile and actually raise your hand and give him a little wave. Make it look like you are waving him over. If he is afraid to come because of your loud-mouthed jealous friends, then get up and leave the pack and go and stand next to him and move to a corner by yourself and cut the crap. I like you. Do you like me? I want to know you better. Ask his name in bed. That should get you both laughing.

That student I fucked all summer got really quite raunchy with me after I had sucked him off a few time. He went down on me a lot, he even used to spend his pennies on perfume for me so that he would turn on more hotly. He was eating my pussy twice and day, fucking me and I was eating his cum as much as we both wanted. It used to turn me on to get it on with him and then go to the other one and get a different cock in my mouth in the same morning.

The hunter killer in men is the next Promotion for a climax, again simple:

Men love to bring themselves to climax in your vagina then whip it out and finish off in your mouth, so they can watch themselves cum on your face, in your mouth, on your tits, and anywhere else. They love to rub it in afterward. They love it even more if you rub it in too.

Men think you love them if you swallow their cum. Put another way, if you spit it out, they unconsciously register that you don't like them. Liking them and liking their cum are inseparable concepts in the male mind. Remember that. Rejection of their cum, not swallowing it, and not swallowing with absolute relish, is a way of rejecting them too. They may not say anything but that is how it reads out. They may not even be conscious of it, but on some real level, that is how it feels to them. Swallow the cum if you want to fuck this man again soon. If you don't, then spit it out but know the consequences.

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