Thursday, November 27, 2008

How much do you weigh?

She was good. I woke up and realized that he was still talking to the same woman. It was a free call, so I wasn’t worried about the bill. I caught his eye on the call and he tried to push me away with his eyes. Nosy mother. I wrote down on a piece of paper one question for him to ask her: the question was nasty and very right. It was this:

How much do you weigh?

I pushed that piece of paper over to him. He read it. Looked at me. Then it occurred to him to ask this question.

He asked her.

Excuse me, mind if I ask you a question before we go any further? How much do you weigh?

The conversation was over in two minutes after having gone hey wire. She was an overweight telephone junky getting high on taking these young men in. It was the only kick she could get because she didn’t have the self-discipline to get her act together and lose weight and get to the real thing. My son never made that mistake never made that mistake again. He had a procedure after that. Age? Weight? Children? Meet tomorrow morning? That conversation lasted five minutes. He had ten appointments in an hour and one of them turned out to be something he was interested in. The same goes for ladies playing on telephone looking for love, dates, or just plain sex. Be candid, honest and meet. Quickly. You are much more likely to find someone that way.

Women Can Understand Women Better than Men Can Understand Women. Call it woman’s intuition if you like. But a woman can tune into another woman’s intentions with incredible speed. Women are cats with each other on the quiet. They get their claws into one man betide any other woman who tries to become a predator on her turf. Women can be very predatorily, and very possessive and very jealous of other women. And they can quite ruthless about it. I knew where that woman was coming from on the phone with my very experienced son, and I knew how to wake him up and burst his bubble faster too, in one stroke. But I was doing the both a favor. If my son had met her he would have realized that that relationship was not going to end up in bed. He did not like fat women. I knew that about him. I knew she was fat. Women’s intuition. Some men like fat women, and there is nothing wrong with being fat if you like being fat. Some men prefer fat women and actively look for fat women.

It is all a matter of taste. But I have never yet counseled a fat woman who was really happy to be fat. Many are jolly as a cover up for being fat. Live in the kitchen, and become fatter. Sex is a lot harder to enjoy if you have a lot of weight to carry around. Usually if fatness isn’t congenital or glandular it can be “cured” by emotional well-being. Women sometimes let go of themselves, especially after a disastrous love affair or a difficult separation. It takes a lot of will power and self-discipline to become a well slim and fit woman again. Women feel emotions in a different way from men.

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