Thursday, November 27, 2008

Get you into bed - he will do everything

How to get him into bed ...

Think about it. A man will do almost anything to get you into bed if he knows that he has a better than even chance of achieving it. He will work, he will save, he will reschedule all his agendas, and he will fly across the world. He will re organize his life to get you into his bed, or yours. Just don't make it too difficult for him and try to increase your attraction ratio.


The primeval instinct of the mating instinct is in the scent of a woman. Remember that Al Pacino film? The scent is everything. Smell good and he will fuck you senseless and he won't quite know why.

The perfume companies are always looking for the ultimate scent that will absolutely attract any man, or any woman and make the scoring a sure thing. But the real answer is that everyone has a different type of body odor that is natural and alluring. Some men are naturally musky and women love the musky man. Some women are naturally flowery and some men like that. Its different scents. But maybe some smart one will get it down to classifications of about four for a man and four for a woman and then variations on the theme between the four types of scent. But it’s a trial and error thing. But in the sexual game, scent is the most primeval turn on there is. Higher up, its the look in the eyes of love. The eyes are important for that special contact. The shape of the body comes next.

That is why meeting on the telephone and falling in love on the telephone doesn’t work. I have had so many cases of women who sound lovely on the telephone, who have nice coy voices and make all the right responses and men too. But then comes the big crunch. When do we meet? Tomorrow. Then you meet. You both think the other one is ugly. But it only takes one to think the other is that way and that is it. It is over. I know of two clear examples worth recounting.

Meeting on The telephone, OK ..BUT… A BIG BUT…

Golden rule there is meet the next day or as soon as possible. Don’t fall in love with the voice, the personality. The bottom line is meeting. Then you know. For sure. One old lady sounded like a young lady on the phone. He sounded like a young man.

They lied to each other for weeks and weeks, and then they had to meet. They had worked each other up so much that they had to meet. The meeting was short and not very sweet. He was a smelly muggy man and she was fat, ugly and old. Disaster. They didn’t like each other in the flesh. They would have been happier just being telephone friends.

The second example was a young man in his mid twenties. Meeting on the telephone is big in North America. He was not very experienced. He talked all night to this world-class telephone “hooker”. She had been at that game for years and so she knew how to touch all the bases. This was my son. He was on the phone to her until six O’clock in the morning. He had been talking to her for almost nine hours.

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