Thursday, November 27, 2008

Feet massage - massaging is relaxing you for sex

Women all love to have their feet massaged, Its incredibly relaxing. It will be nice if he does this for you. Swap around so that one of the girls doesn’t get to do all the doing and not get “done” herself. Take turns in giving each others feet a good soft oily massage. Rub each others backs and shoulders, Proceed into oral sex from there and then when you are all very comfortable and relaxed and on top of the bed (sheets can be an irksome nuisance if there are the under them, dispense with them!) onto the gobbling fishes until you all climax.


This combination should be avoided at all costs. Its not good for us women, and not really good for him either. Everything reacts. I will tell you a gruesome story about this that will really put you off ever doing it with two or more men at the same time ever again, and that is good thing too.

I once, many years ago now, was asked to counsel a young lady who was in the habit of going with two or more men at the same time. She was a lovely girl. Recently divorced at the time and thought she would try to get her self esteem back by being the play thing of some boyfriends of hers who thought that she was good sport for letting herself be “gang banged” by these young men. The men were ignorant and didn’t know any better. The girl was ignorant too and she didn’t know any better either. But she was the one who paid for the ignorance. It wasn’t well advised. Not from a fun and games point of view. They all had fun and she was at all timers a willing participant. After all she would make the choice of her own volition to go round to her boy friend’s apartment, and he would arrange for two or three of his friends to be there and they would all fuck her, and they would all cum inside her. To cut a very long story short, she experienced serious inner vaginal dysfunctions that are a mystery top the medical profession.

What happened was that the semen of all these men is alive, and inside one woman, they are all fighting each other to inseminate her ovaries, whether they know they can or not. The different semen from each of the men fight each other while they are inside your. Even if it’s the semen of just two men, and even if those men are all pals. The semen doesn’t care. Once inside a woman’s vagina, the semen fight. This fighting of the semen creates an energy imbalance in her vagina, in her body and in her mind, it so happens. These are medical facts. Any woman who cares to use herself as a guinea pig for medical science will soon find out to her cost that this is what will happen.

In the end the poor girl had to have an operation resulting in a good portion of her rectum having to be surgically removed. Sorry to be so gruesome, but it’s a lesson. Now you know, you can save yourself the consequences and I would advise you to make sure that this is firmly understood by all your friends too. Many of these rectum, anal, and vaginal operations can be avoided if only women were aware that this is why they contract these terrible vaginal and rectal and womb conditions.

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