Thursday, November 27, 2008

Did you miss the shag of your life because he is a poet?

Some blokes might be fantastic in bed but can't afford the twenty dollars to take you out for a drink. How many girls miss the shag of their lives because they insist on that idiot protocol. He might hate pubs and alcohol. He might not want to take you out at all. Why insist on that? It might be bullshit. He might be a poet. He might just want to fuck you and let us be honest, that is all you want too. You don't necessarily want to go out drinking and hanging around a lot of bar flies. Its a sexual turnoff anyway and get you out of the mood for sex. Better to go for a walk and dance in the street and end up in the sack. Going to restaurants is a time waster too. It’s another of those stupid money-wasting protocols

Save that for later. Restaurants always feel nicer to be in after you have had sex with the man. If you have fucked each other three or four times it might be worth going to a restaurant together, but not as a chat up starter. Its too time wasting and nerve wracking for him. He wants up your skirt and you want that too. Pubs can be really intimidating. Maybe a good place to meet or see each other for the first time, but my advice is get him out of there as fast as you can.


The biggest rule of all is simple:

DON'T PLACE OBSTACLES IN HIS PATH because ... If he has to go through an obstacle course to get you to spread your legs he will go with a whore instead.

He will take the line of least resistance. The world is full of frustrated women for precisely that reason. The can't be bothered to run the stupid obstacle course we lay out for them. They will fly to Cuba and fuck their brains out there with girls who are probably more gorgeous than us. And they pay for their pleasures and get a lot less hassle. They might blow a couple of hundred dollars on us to get us in bed and they soon workout, if they are smart that for the same money they can shag ten women for the same price and have no resistance.

We have competition and we are only cheating ourselves. We want to get shagged as much as any woman on earth and the guys love us for it. Why do we spoil it by making it had for them? Take the opportunity when it presents itself. This playing hard to get business is a joke that is socially rebounding on the women of the West.

If you feel him slipping away from you just come right out with it. I want you. Three words. Not I love you. That is going a bit far. I want you. Simple. Make yourself say it. Save the I-love-you’s for when you mean it.

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