Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Why Do Women Cheat?

The ladies really represented! If you are a man, or have male online friends, inform them to read this article. This article features many answers to the question, Why women cheat or don't cheat, in their own words!

One of our members asked me my opinion on the cheating issue, and here it is:

"ALL women do not cheat. I firmly believe that you can love someone so much that even though you may want to cheat, and the opportunity may be presented, the love you have for that person will not allow you to cheat. Though oftentimes hard to believe, some people actually are faithful. Although we don't have control over what another will do, not every person is going to do what they want to do, some do the right thing.

Cheating isn't as glorious as it's presented, especially in these days of fatal S.T.D's. It's not a good thing to go into a relationship expecting to be cheated on, if that's the case, what's the point in pursueing a relationship? One could only seek "sex partners."

The dating "game" is getting harder and harder. This fact is proven by all of the singles clubs, singles ads, dating websites, 900 datelines, etc. Some people aren't certain what they want, so they seek an outside source to help them find their perfect mate. I say and always have said, start with "Self." Take care of the business at hand, treat others with respect, and do not settle for less. That goes for life and relationship issues."

"I cheat whenever I don't get something from my man or whenever he isn't treating me right. What he can't give me I feel the next man can. Ilove my boyfriend and we have been going out for two years but I can't seem to stop cheating. I'll try to stop for like a month a nd so and be successful but the next month I'll be right back at it again."

"Women cheat cuz they dont get their hopes & dreams of romance fulfilled."

"Women cheat basically for the same reasons men cheat. I would cheat because I don't get any attention fro my boyfriend and he is always going out without me. I wouldn't cheat because one night of pleasure isn't worth giving up the man I'm in Love with."

"I cheat because I love sex and love making and I only get it maybe 3 times a week. Sometimes when I do get it I have to ask and I am sometimes told no!!!! Can you believe a man that turns down sex?!!!!!

We have been in this relationship for three years and it has been this way from the beginning. I do love this man very very much but it is very difficult. The second reason is because he is not willing to express his feelings as much as I would like for him too. But he's a man!!!!

Also with the sex thing he does not perform oral sex. I used to do it all the time a very long time ago and enjoyed it with him very much. Once I saw that I would not receive the very same treatment I stopped all together. That was a very difficult decision to make but one that I felt like I had to make because I feel if I can give then I should be allowed to receive. With the feeling matter I love him so much that it is very important for me to know how he feels and what he thinks.

Don't get me wrong I love my man very very much and respect who he is and what we have but when the man won't put out and give what the woman needs then what does he expect for her to do. Men when you meet a woman who wants sex just as much as you then give it to her. When your woman wants you to express your feelings it is not because she is trying to get inside of your mind and control you, she is trying to get more in tuned with who you are and what makes you happy.

Give in and give her what she wants. Otherwise you may find yourself on the receiving end of being the one that is wondering "Is She CHEATING On Me???!!!!!!"

"I am not in a committed relationship right now, but if I were I would not cheat. I have been involved with a man who was cheating with me on his girlfriend and it opened my eyes to how a man does not feel much guilt about doing it. This man would say to me "as long as I'm treating you right don't worry about who else I am seeing." After awhile I started not to like him or trust him and was glad that I was not the one who thought he was my man.

Lots of men sleep with many different women because the women allow them to, but what I want I man who only wants to be with me. Nowadays I feel that this type of man does not exist."

"I have cheated when my emotional and physical needs weren't being met. I didn't cheat constantly. I moved on to bigger and better things."

"I don't cheat because I'm content with the man I'm with. If I wasn't I'd get out of the relationship altogether!"

"I cheat because I don't like having sex with my husband. He ruins it! He expects me to do things he doesn't do too me and I hate it. I'm very sexual, but I find it hard to be that way with him. On the otherhand, my lover and I make downright good love."

"Many reasons I think we woman cheat. Either we receive lack of attention from the current partner, to get him back if he has cheated on me, low self - esteem might play part and the most commom to feel loved... the feeling that someone wants us.

That has been the reason I had cheated. None the less, I have learnd from those mistakes. It is not worth it ladies, keep self respect!"

"I think the reason why women cheat and the reason why I cheated was because our significant other or boyfriend paid us no attention. They neglected our wants and needs. Nowadays, women aren't sitting by and taking it. What their man won't do, the next man will and often does."

"I do not cheat because I love my man, I can't imagine anyone better than him (he's all that I ever dreamed of), it makes me feel kinda stupid to ever dream another man-some feeling of guilt, he takes good care of me and believes me so I don't think I would ever have a good enough reason to convince myself into cheating on him."

"You know I've always had a problem with this and I have only been faithful to one person in my 21 years of life. The reason, I love boyz! I mean, I don't want to be tied down to someone that I'm not going to marry because you never know who'll come along next. I like the freedom to do whatever I please. This guy I was dating for awhile decided that although he really feels for me he can't see me because of the trust issue. I like him too, but my response was "hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, right?" he said, "that just means you don't care?" does it? I'm not sure either."

"My husband has lost interest in sex, and is not the least bit affectionate. My lover, also married, provides what I do not have. I do not feel the least bit guilty. As for my lover he is younger than me by far and has been married four years. We have been lovers for six years."

"I Do not cheat because one thing a higher power knows. Another IS THAT FOUR Letter Word AIDS. Also, if I love him it is so much sweeter."

"I don't, or rather, have never cheated because I consider it immoral. However, that is not a good enough reason when temptation gets in the way, is it? Whenever I had the chances to cheat I never felt the desire to do so, it felt wrong. Perhaps that could be because I feel so deeply for my lover. I believe cheating to be a form of betrayal, to yourself, your significant other and everyone who may be affected. And if you betray yourself, what's the point of going on? It is deceitful.

I would rather end a relationship and go with someone afterwards afterwards, that way I would not betray or deceive anyone, except perhaps myself; When I later find out that it might not have been worth it. It's not worth the pain, for anyone. Besides, our partner trusts us, or should, betraying that trust is completely wrong. Something unforgivable. And something that we may have to pay for the rest of our life. As well as something that may affect our partner for the rest of their life, like never trusting another partner again. In the long run, I simply do not think that it is worth all the trouble cheating causes in the end."

"I don't cheat because my man is doing everything for me that I could possibly want or need. He does not treat me as a sex object and gives me the utmost respect. We have good communication and he's not only a person who I wouldn't mind spending the rest of my life with, he's also my best friend. Its important in a relationship to let one another know how you feel so that there won't be any paranoia going on on either side. I respect my baby and all that he wantsto do in life. I just pray that we will always have the kind of relationship that we have right now and that it will grow even stronger."

"I do not cheat because I feel that if I am with one man, then that is it. I am very loyal and devoted to that one man. I give him everything I've got. If I see someone that I find more interesting then it's time to let go of the first one. Be honest with yourself and your man. Cheating is wrong!"

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