Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Why do guys lie?

I'll call you. Who her? Oh, she's my cousin. Nah, I'm not seeing anyone else." Sound familiar? Yeah, I bet it does. These are a few of the lies told to us by guys. Why do guys lie? I say guys lie to avoid conflict, AND to get what they want.
"I Love you, but I'm not IN LOVE with you." Is that right? Perhaps you can be IN LOVE with the door as it hits you where the sun doesn't shine on your way out of it, and out of our lives. Right Ladies?

If you are feeling kinda funny in your relationship, you know the feeling... seems like something just aint right. Well, if you're feeling like that, something aint right. A healthy relationship doesn't leave one feeling confused and unwanted.

Don't let these men waste your time. They make a date, then break a date. Say they're gonna call, and don't. Make passes at your friends. They don't want to give you up just yet, but... they're still looking for THE ONE. The sad truth is, you're NOT the ONE for him, but right now you're better than absolutely nothing. Next to nothing. How quaint.

Well what do they mean when they whisper these Sweet Nothings? Let's see:

They say, I'll Call You.
They mean, Have a Nice Life, and please don't hold your breath.

They say, Who her? She's my cousin.
They mean, She's the female that I'm feelin right now. My sister's best friend, and HER play cousin.

They say, I worked late.
They mean, I was putting in much work!

They say, I'm not seeing anyone.
They mean, I'm not committed to anyone. Not even you.

They say, I Love You.
They mean, Can we have sex now?

Yes, men tell many lies, and some ladies do too. The Dating Game is literally a Game. It's sad that many adults can't tell the truth, be honest. Don't play with peoples emotions. If you dig 'em, dig 'em. If you don't, be an adult and tell 'em. If you're looking for sex, let it be known. If you're looking for love, stop looking so hard. Let love find you.

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  1. i had this problem . i ran into a guy i dated for almost a month . than we broke it off . when we ran into eachother . he was flirting hard with me , and said he was going to call me and never did . why do men do that and a few weeks after he said he was gonig t ocall he ended up wit hanother person , why do men lie and flirt at the sametime what a mixed message