Sunday, April 13, 2008

Stop Being an Alpha Female

Do you say "there are no quality men out there, that's why I'm alone." Is that your final answer? Wrong answer. There are plenty of great guys out there.

You're alone because you are an alpha female. Even though you're attractive and look feminine, your behavior screams masculine, masculine masculine.

Men don't want to have a relationship with an alpha female.

Those "male" characteristics such as self-sufficiency, aggressiveness, decisiveness and work work workism, have served you well in your career, but they won't help you get the kind of man you say you want.

When a woman talks about business and her career all the time, a guy responds to that kind of masculine energy, and treats her like he's talking with another guy. Ladies, when you act like an alpha female, you will treated like a guy, because that's how you're coming across.

You'll get competition instead of compliments. Forget about being treated special. Guys don't treat other guys special, they treat them as guys. And forget about being cherished, because you've joined the "good ol' boys club." Guys will respect you for your knowledge and admire you for your accomplishments, but that pedestal, that you so deeply want, will have someone else's name on it.

You've become so male that you've forgotten about your feminine side. You're so busy acting out these words, "I am woman watch me grow (my business that is)·I am strong, I am invincible, I am woman." that when you get done singing that song, notice is there anyone with you? Or are you alone, again·naturally?

Men are attracted to women who are feminine in their behavior. So get back in touch with your feminine side: Let guys do the guy stuff. Women receive, men give.

Take off your armor and let men see your vulnerability. Men are attracted to this vulnerability because it gives them permission to protect you. It's their opportunity to become Super Hero - Mighty Man, to go in and save the day.

Displaying your vulnerability says that you want, not need, someone to protect you. You're sending a signal to a guy that it's okay for him to be the guy and do his job. His job is to hunt and chase you, protect you, provide for you and to serve. He wants to be the one. The one who makes you happy.

Gals, remember you are a beautiful rose. Although you already have everything it takes without a guy, it is the guy who plants the seed of love. You make it grow. But it only grows when you let him appreciate you, cherish you, treasure you, and value you. You must allow him to feel safe to do what he does best, provide, protect and serve.

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