Sunday, April 13, 2008

Stop being alone. Start being pursued.

Go from being fierce to foxy. From tough, alone, and trying to find a man to being soft, pursued by men, and dating up a storm.

  1. Realize that what worked for you in business won't work in a relationship with a man. If it did, you'd be in a successful relationship by now. You want a man. You're too powerful to be in a relationship with a wimp.

  2. Put aside those feminist ideas. They haven't gotten you the right guy have they?

  3. You can do this without having doormat written on your forehead.

  4. You may love some of these traits about you: tough, complex, strong, aggressive, decisive, self-sufficient, is able to speak for herself and can and/or will go on the attack. But men don't like these traits in women because they are male traits.

  5. Men want and are attracted to women who are feminine. Alpha females are not soft and feminine, even though they look it and dress accordingly.

  6. Our weaknesses can be our greatest strengths. Instead of burying your vulnerability embrace it and let it be a magnet.

  7. It's not really what you say. It's what you do and how you do it that tells the story of what kind of woman you are. Emerson was right, "Who you are speaks volumes."

  8. It's masculine to be hard, aggressive, combative and tough. It's feminine to be soft, receptive, harmonious, and vulnerable.

  9. Femininity is a softness, a warmth, a gentleness of the body, mind and of the heart.

  10. Men seek women to make them feel whole. Being with a woman abates their aggression and relieves their hardness. Men know, on a conscious or subconscious level, that a woman's femininity completes their masculinity. That's why they are always seeking a woman and feminine energy.

  11. Men are simple. They just want to protect, provide for and serve their woman. But it can't happen if she is totally self-sufficient.

  12. Want to be in a healthy relationship, get rid of the masculine traits on the left and become or embrace the feminine traits on the right.



    aggressor receiver
    pursuer attractor
    giver acceptor
    hard soft
    tough vulnerable
    self-sufficient allow to be given to or provided for
    combative harmonious, seeks agreement
    warrior goddess

  13. Accept and embrace your femininity, your feminine qualities.

  14. Know that anything you really accept in your mind and heart, you can have.

  15. Acceptance is the magnet. It draws to us whatever we desire.

  16. Accept men as men and you'll attract a man.

  17. Accept love and you'll have a relationship.

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