Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Romantic Tips from A - Z

"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." (George Bernard Shaw)

Who needs some Romantic Tips? We all do, right?! Well, I've composed a list of Romantic, Tips from A - Z to share with you. Ain't no half steppin, let the games begin!

A is for Aphrodisiac, and Aphrodisiacs have been know to "Put one in the mood!" Need some samples of Aphrodisiacs? Try Chocolate, Oysters, Eggs, Peaches, champagne and even Sunflower Seeds!

B is for Blindfold, and there is nothing more exciting as the unknown! Once your mate blindfolds you or vice versa (be CERTAIN that you TRUST this person) the possibilities are endless.

C is for Chocolate Syrup. Chocolate Syrup is a great ice cream topping, right? Well... it also serves as a fantastic topping for... well, you get the idea! Squirt, pour or paint it on, lick it off. (Uum, Uum good!)

D is for Dildo. A Dildo is a penis shaped instrument that can be purchased at any reputable "Sex Toy Store." Dildos are usually used for masturbation, and ladies... Men LOVE to watch!

E is for Eye Contact. The eyes are the windows of the soul, so do some soul searching when you and your mate are making love. Make him/her feel like the most important person in the world simply by looking at him/her with "Loving Eyes."

F is for Fantasies. Aiight, enough fantasizing, share your fantasies and make the magic happen. Share those wild, freaky, downright kinky fantasies with your mate... Tonight.

G is for Grind. Sometimes the actual act of sex/love making is not necessary. Put on a slow jam, (Adore by Prince is a great choice) and get close, very close, all over each other close.

H is for Handcuffs. Again, you MUST be certain that you TRUST your partner. Handcuffs add an unbelievable element of excitement. Once handcuffed, you are on the border of submission... ooh, you've got to try it at least once!

I is for Inhibitions. Lock those damned things away! Tonight be totally UN-inhibited. Translation: Let Loose!

J is for Jimmy Hat. Unless your mate is your spouse, or you are absolutely certain that you have a monogamous relationship, protect yourself. Enough said.

K is for Kinky, and Kinky ain't for everyone. Kinky is threesomes, orgies, spankings, erotic toys, b & d, s & M, etc... you get the picture!

L is for Love Poetry. What is it that is special and unique about him/her? Love makes anyone a Poet. Put your thoughts on paper and read them to him/her aloud.

M is for Mutual Masturbation, which can be a VERY sexy technique! Try it, you (and your partner) WILL like it!

N is for Nasty. Yes "Nice" has it's time and place -- tonight isn't the time, where you and your partner are right now isn't the place. Go ahead, be "Nasty" for him/her! I won't tell, and your mother won't see ya!

O is for Originality. Sure, making love in the bedroom is good, but let's shake thangs up a lil sumtin, sumtin! Be adventurous, do that thang in the closet, on the stairway, in the hallway, the bathroom floor, the kitchen table, or in the garden!

P is for Phone Sex. Call him/her at the office and "tell him/her" what IS going to happen, tonight!

Q is for Quality time. Turn off the phone. Turn off the T.V. And my hardest hill to climb, turn OFF the computer! Take time, and make time for the two of you. Life is short, therefore the gift of quality time is the greatest gift of all. (but, don't think that means we don't want material things sometimes!)

R is for Red, the color that screams, SEXY!!! SEXY!!! Got Red? Get Red. Wear Red.

S is for Striptease. Give your mate an erotic, visual treat. She can strip for him, or he can strip for her. Why not strip-- simultaneously?

T is for Tease. Show some skin, touch, excite, arouse... then move away. Do it again, and again, and again! Teasing heightens the intensity of arousal, and can be applied to any aspect of lovemaking.

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