Thursday, April 3, 2008

Q & A: "Where can I find the perfect man?"

Q: I've been seeing my boyfriend for almost six months now and we often take part in oral sex. I am so totally sure that he's not sexually active or anything with anybody else. We're both perfectly healthy. Are there still risks/things that could happen if we don't start using condoms and stuff for just oral sex?

Don't know too much

A: Unless you spend 24 hours each day with your boyfriend, you are NOT totally sure that he's not sexing someone else. Don't ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, think that.

Now, unless there are breaks, canker/cold sores, lesions, cuts or recent dental work, in your or his mouth, Oral Sex is regarded as low risk behavior for the transmission of the HIV virus. Remember low risk, doesn't equal NO RISK. F.Y.I, there are numerous other STD's(sexually transmitted diseases) that can be transmitted during Oral Sex, including Gonorrhea, and Herpes. Why take chances? To lessen the risk, use a latex condom during Oral Sex, and have him use a Dental Dam. Protect, don't Regret.

Q: Since you know so much, answer this. Where can I find the perfect man?


A: The only thing you've "gotta" do is get a life. There are no perfect people. When you can look in the mirror and see the "Perfect Woman," the "Perfect Man" will appear. *Holding your breath while waiting for the perfect man to appear may be hazardous to your health.

Q: Is it possible for me to establish/maintain a friendship with my ex-boyfriend? We broke up a few weeks ago, due to his infidelity. I can't trust him, yet I want our friendship back. This situation is hard for both of us since he's still seeing HER. I don't really want a relationship with him right now, but after all that we've been through, I still want a friendship.

Make it like it was

A: Friendship, schmienship. He's got another woman, and you want him back. Let's see... he's lied to you, deceived you and is still seeing HER. Cherish the memories, and kill the friendship noise. He doesn't want you anymore, it's just that simple.

Q: I've been involved with this man for 6 years now. He said he would not get married until he turned 35. Next week he turns 35. He seems unable to commit to me. He is also seeing someone else, and I date others occasionally. I feel like he is holding on to me until he meets someone he would rather be with. What do you think?

2nd choice

A: I'm thinking what you're thinking.

Q: Becky, there's this guy I've been seeing for the past 13 years. If he still wants to be alone, could he be the one for me, or is it too late for us?

Tic Toc

A: ...and the winner of the Lifetime Duh-Dunt-Da-Dunt (Translation: Damned Fool) award is... YOU. Now see, I rarely refuse to answer a request, but this one...

Q: This month I will have been with my boyfriend for 3 years. I went to the doctor and was informed that I have slight traces of Gonorrhea! What is going on? Do you think he has cheated on me?


A: What's going on? I'll tell you what's going on. He has cheated on you. Unless you are sleeping with someone else, he has cheated on you. Gonorrhea is a SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE.

Q: I was seeing this man off and on for almost 5 months. It was just sexual as far as he was concerned, but I really liked him, I fell in love with him. Whenever we'd go out, I'd pay, and I always bought him nice gifts and clothes. Then I lost my job, and he stopped seeing me! He wouldn't return my calls or anything! I came to the conclusion that he got what he wanted from me and when the money ran out, he moved on. My question is, am I right?


A: My answer is, Yes

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