Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Q & A: "too many women wanting to compete and be my equal"

Q: I just wanted to say that I like your site. I especially like your Advice posts and Dating Tips. If both men and women would read those BEFORE they start, they would indeed be far, far ahead of the masses. You have given, in my opinion, some very valuable tips.

By the way, I found my significant other in a pen pal ad. I know it works. Why did I go that route? I found too many women wanting to compete and be my equal (not what you may think). I wanted a woman, not someone with the attitude that "I can be as good a man as you can be". I love women. I think they are God's greatest creation. Feminine women that is.

However, you are telling women all of our secrets. Thank you. Women are so much more powerful than men. I admit it. My lady bats her eyes, coos a little, and I turn into mush. She can have anything. I LOVE IT. Keep up the good work.-- Always Willing to Learn More

Dear Always Willing to Learn More
Thank you for your kind words regarding my site. We've only just begun. Look for more dating tips and experiences about dating and being in the trenches which will soon be available in the newsletter. Sounds like your gal definitely has a prince of a guy and that you cherish her like the swan princess she is. This is a royal match.

Q: I am now living with this woman whom I'm absolutely crazy about. We've been seeing each other for nearly two years and just started living together. The honeymoon phase is over. And we've had to trade in some of our fantasies for reality time. Before I ever became involved with her I worked through my co-dependent issues from past relationships. I now know to be in a healthy relationship means for each party to take responsibility. However, my significant other is accusing me of being selfish, and not caring about her feelings. To avoid being co-dependent, have I swung completely over to being totally independent? Is she right?--Responsible or Selfish

Dear Responsible
Sounds to me like you're the only one in that relationship who knows that you're crazy about her. Stop being so rigid in your beliefs and distant in your actions. Start showing her just how much you really do cherish her. Being demonstrative and treasuring a person is not the same as being co-dependent. You say you've gotten over your co-dependency? Now get over yourself.

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