Thursday, April 3, 2008

Q & A: "Should I get serious with an older man?"

Q: I have a friend who wants to break it off with her boyfriend. What should she do? Is an e-mail inappropriate?


A: Damn, now that would be some cold shhhh..... While she can send him a Dear John letter via e-mail, I'd suggest that she at least call him on the phone and give him the er, bad news.

Being dissed by a former mate is a hard pill to swallow regardless how it's served so tell your friend to swaaaang and do her thaaaang!

Q: Should I get serious with an older man...13 yrs. older than me?


A: That depends. Let's see... if you're 20 and he's 33, no problem. If you're 14 and he's 27, big problem. Here's an equation for you to use as a guide:

Consenting Adult Male of legal age + Consenting Adult female of legal age = green light. Got it? Good.

Q: I messed around with my best friend's woman and now we are living with each other. What am I to do?


A: About what? You messed around with your friend's woman, moved in with her --- and now you want me to tell you..... WHAT??????? What are you to do about, WHAT? You've done the do, deal with it. Brush off your guilty conscience and get over yourself.

Q: I can't seem to get over a girl to whom I had a sex relationship with. We were together for about 1 year. It was the first time for both of us. She broke up with me on our one year anniversity. I am taking prescribed depression pills, but I can't eat, sleep, and all I do is exercise. I am a cross-country runner. How do I get over her?


A: Get over her by realizing this: She DOES NOT want you. I repeat, she DOES NOT want you. This is a cold, hard fact. You can NOT stop living because she doesn't want you. There are millions of other females in the world, many of which WILL WANT you.

You guys had a great year together. Cherish those memories, and face the reality --- it's time for you to move on. Begin dating other females who share some of your interests.

Q: I think that my girlfriend might be cheating on me. Her ex-boyfriend doesn't know that they are broken up. I found a letter he wrote her and he said that he would beat her and me if he found out that she was really dating me. For the past week, she has also been avoiding me. I have not spoken to her yet, I feel that she hasn't told him because she is afraid to or she is just cheating on me. What should I do? This is tearing me apart.


A: If her so-called ex-boyfriend isn't aware that they're broken up, of course she's cheating on you! That means he thinks she is still his woman, and if she hasn't informed him otherwise --- she still is! So... is she cheating on you with him --- or is she cheating on him with you?! She's doing BOTH! You may want to call her, inform her that you read the letter, and ask that she make a decision.

Q: I'm a 26 yr old who has just been asked by my daughter if she could have sex with her boy-friend, he is 14, she is 16. I know this is a wierd request but should I let them??? Please help!


A: Radman, this is a tough one for you, I'm sure. The sad truth is, we can't be with our children 24/7, and children will find a way to have sex at an early age if they want to. I began to engage in sex at a very young age and my parents weren't the wiser until I became pregnant at... well, nevermind!

You may want to inform your daughter that you don't condone her engaging in sex until she is at least 18. Inform her that sex isn't only physical, it's also mental --- and can bring with it a world of problems and heartaches; not to mention sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancy.

Q: I am really good friends with this guy at work. We spend a lot of time together during the day. I call him when I get a chance at home too. He cannot call me because I am engaged to someone else who I am not happy with. Everyone at work thinks that me and this other guy has something going on. I really wish that was true except he does not believe in someone cheating on anyone. He asked me several times why am I with my Fiancee if I am unhappy. I told him I was afraid of being alone. What should I do? I don't want to lose my friendship with him either.

A: O.K., since he doesn't believe in cheating, you may want to ask him this: Hypothetically, if I weren't engaged, would you be interested in dating me? Analyze his reply, and proceed accordingly.

Whether you and he get together or not, you may want to re-examine the relationship you have with your fianc饮 If you're not happy with him, you should NOT be with him. You say you're afraid of being alone --- well being lonely is just as bad.

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