Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Q & A: "I find it hard to deal with past relationships"

Q: My life is a mess. I've lost my job and my boyfriend. He has taken up with a woman I know. He still calls me, although he is with her. I want him back so bad. What do I do?

A: Change your phone number, and stop wasting your time with a man who is wasting your time.

Q: I am 23 years old, my boyfriend is 33. I truly love him, and we have talked about marriage some day soon. My only problem is that I never told him that I am a virgin. I guess you can say in school I really didn't have a main boyfriend, cause everyone was doing it but me. I suppose my reason for this was because I never wanted to have a baby, or an STD.
I truly love this man, and I'm afraid of what might happen if I broke down and told him. What should I do? And, do you think that I'm crazy for waiting so long?

A: First of all, let me congratulate you! Hell no you're not crazy for saving you precious virginity.
Girlfriend, when the time is right, tell him. He will be happy to know that the woman he may marry in the near future --- saved herself for him.

Q: I like this girl but I just broke up with her best friend. She is going out with this guy but he said he is gonna break up with her; so I was wondering what sholud I do?

A: Don't do anything... right now. Play it very cool. Wait until he has actually given her the boot, then ask her out.
Please don't give me that I'm shy stuff, because you and I both know that oftentimes being shy won't get you shhh...


A: Yep, yep. If you engage in unprotected oral sex, and your partner has a S.T.D., it is possible for the Sexually Transmitted Disease to be transmitted.

Q: This guy I have been dating, his ex girlfriend lost her home and needed somewhere to stay. She gave him somewhere to stay when tragedy struck his family years ago. He felt obligated to return the favor.
We love each other, but she has made this hell for both of us. Every week she comes up with a different excuse as to why she can't leave. How can I maintain my sanity, my status and get rid of her?

A: Girl PUH-LEEZE. She is there because he WANTS here there. Believe not what he is telling you, but what is actually going on.
Of the millions and millions of people on this earth, it's amazing the she had no one to turn to but him. No friends. No family members. Just an ex-boyfriend. Seriously, how does that sound to you?

How can you get rid of her? You can't --- but your man --- the one who you say LOVES you --- CAN.

Q: I have lost my best friend after starting to date someone that she had liked for ages. We have not spoken for over a month and although I am happy with my new boyfriend, I miss her friendship very much and regret what I have done.
She does not want to make it up. What can I do? I am so depressed and it is causing strain on my new relationship.

A: In this life there are actions that we take called choices. You chose to be with the male that she liked. Miss Girl, you knew she liked him, yet you chose to be with him anyway. Obviously he was feelin' you, not her --- it ain't your fault.
You made the choice, deal with it. Your ex-friend will never be able to trust you again, so even if the two of you are able to make up in the future, your friendship will never be the same.

You made the bed --- good night.

Q: I find it hard to deal with past relationships my wife has had. I want to know about her past, and I ask her about past boyfriends and flings, but when I actually hear about them, I feel like I'm not really special to her. Although she says I'm the best thing that ever happened to her, how should I handle these feelings?

A: What you should do is, not ask. If you don't want to know, or can't deal with the truth --- do NOT ask.
The past is in the past. She doesn't concern herself with your past --- so get over it.

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