Thursday, April 3, 2008

Q & A: "I am not sure how to ask her out"

Q: I would like to know what I can do about the relationship that I'm in now. At this point we are just friends, and that's fine for now. I really like this guy and he seems to like me, too. It's just that he has been deeply hurt in a relationship and says that he doesn't have any desire to get into a serious relationship any time soon. My concern is that even if he develops some feeling for me, he might suppress them and not follow through with them. How do I handle this situation? HELP!!!

Patient but waiting

A: What part of, "says that he doesn't have ANY desire to get into a serious relationship ANY time soon" isn't clear to you? Huh? Accept this relationship for what it is currently, a friendship.

Q: I went out with this man, but we broke up a few months ago. Now he has a new girlfriend, but I want him back. I just saw him the other day and I heavily flirted with him. He knows that I still like him and everything, but what should I do? If you could post help soon i would appreciate it because time is desperately running out!


A: What you should do is get a life. Now hear this: HE HAS A NEW GIRLFRIEND!! I repeat: HE HAS A NEW GIRLFRIEND!! Stop wasting your time wanting someone who just doesn't want you.

Q: I spoke to you before about my lost love and you gave some good advice. But know my lost love and I are speaking and I asked if I could come visit, he says yes. But one day I called his house and his still metaling sister says he doesn't sleep here and get over him. If he told me to come who should I listen to?

Confused & deeply in Love

A: Listen to your heart. I can understand that you love this man, but if he doesn't love you back you simply must forget about him. I asked. I called. I Love. I, I, I. How one-sided. If a man wants you, is interested in you or Loves you, you will KNOW it. As I said before, let him initiate some things, if he doesn't move on.
*Damn I hate it when they Just DON'T get it!

Q: Ummm Right now I am going out with this girl. Things were going great when she was away at school and then came home on the weekends, but when she was finished school and was now home all the time the spark is not there anymore. For about the past week I have been thinking about ending it. I came to a solution that I am going to end it because I want to move on. My problem is I don't know how to tell her that its over. What do I do??????????


A: Tell her that it's over because you want to move on. Duh?!

Q: There's a guy I've been friends with for a couple of years now. We've french kissed, and we've had sex once around 18 months ago. Lately (few weeks ago), I saw him at a club, & he did the following: *Gave me a great big hug when we said hello *Smiled at me a lot *Gave my butt a nice big squeeze! *Asks me where I go out, tells me which clubs to check out (and I KNOW he goes to these places!) *Kissed my lips, instead of cheek when we said bye.

The only problem is that I gave him my number (I had his, but its been changed & he didn't give me his new one!) & he hasn't called me! Does he like me or not, and what do I do now?!


A: If he didn't give you his new number, he doesn't want you to have it. If he hasn't called you, he doesn't want to call you. Stop reading so much into something that is obviously nothing. Does he like you or not? Hmmmm let's see. If a guy likes you, he will call.

Q: He and my girl friend were really really close, but lately here it seems we can not find anything to talk about over the phone. At first we could but now it seems like no matter what it always lead to talking about how much we want each other, but thats all it ever leads to. So I was wondering if you could give any advice on our talking problem.


A: Whenever we're not close to one another, I just want you so bad! (Prince, Do Me Baby) Yo Cyclaw, seems like a classic case of "We talk on the phone too damned much syndrome." Take a chill one regarding the telephone for a while. I mean, after you've talked about everything, it's hard to find something to talk about.

Plus, get off the phone and get out together! Take in a movie, play, museum, poetry reading, lecture or even take a class together. After either of the above, I'm sure you'll have some new things to talk about!

Q: I am planning on asking a girl out this week and I am not sure what to say. I like her and she likes me, but I am not sure how to ask her out. Can you please help?


A: Not sure how to ask her out? C'mon now. You like her, she likes you... this is an easy one. Like Nike, Just Do It.

Q: There's this really hot guy at my school and he has this ex-girlfriend (after 1 year) that is extremely obsessive and won't leave him alone which makes it hard for me to make the move. He told me how he feels about me and let's just say he definitely has feelings for me. HE wants to totally get over her but it makes it really hard for him because she always has to know exactly what he is doing every second of his life practically. HELP!!:( what can we do to get her to back off so we can get on with our lives?


A: WE, can't do anything. HE has to be the one to tell his so called ex-girlfriend to back off. She may think she has to know exactly what is going on with him, but he does NOT have to tell her. If he tells her, he must want her to know. He may not want her to leave him alone. Think about it, 1 year is a long time.

Seems to me that boyfriend is having his cake, and eating it too. Somebody seriously needs to get on with their life, and it ain't "WE."

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