Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Q & A: "how soon is too soon to have sex with a new boyfriend?"

Q: Becky, how soon is too soon to have sex with a new boyfriend?

A: It's too soon to slang that thang when you hear voices inside of your head saying things like, "Girl if you sleep with him he's gonna think you're a 'ho." Don't front --- you know what a 'ho is. Go with your gut.

Q: Okay, I've been dating this girl in a long distance relationship for about a year now. We have had problems here and there but when we are together things are great. When one of us is about to leave though we get into a fight. Then after a weekend together, we got in a fight, I stayed over a day & missed work because I wanted to get it worked out.
I thought that we had it worked out and went home. That night she called and said that she had gotten in touch with her "innerchild" and that it told her we should be apart. She said that she couldn't tell me this in person. I am pissed at her but I still love her and would like to get her back. I don't know what to do. Any ideas??

A: Yes, here's an idea for you. Visit you local Ear, Eyes, Nose & Throat Doctor, and get your ears checked. Were you listening to her? It's over bud. Respect that.

Q: I have been chatting with an individual online for some time now and he wants me to send him a picture of myself. I'm an attractive 26 yr.old, African American female and he said he was 38 yrs. old with three kids.
I know there's a possibility that when I see his picture that I may not want to get to know him any better than I do now. Is there a tactful way to handle these kinds of situations?

A: First of all, don't flatter yourself. Just because you're attractive to you, doesn't mean you'll be attractive to him.
Here is a solution. Prior to chatting extensively with someone, inform them that you'd like to exchange pictures, just to be certain that neither of you will be disappointed.

Q: My girlfriend and I have been having sex, but for some reason she will not let me see her breasts or touch them, I am confused and when I say I want to touch them she moves away from me and sort of clams up? What am I to think of this?

A: Never satisfied, huh? If she were letting you see and touch her breasts, yet not giving up the goodies, you'd still be complaining. Are her breast enormously huge? Microscopically small? Maybe they're implants or maybe she feels self conscience about them.
When the two of you are not in a sexual setting, ask her why she will not allow you to see or touch her breasts. Let her know that you find her attractive and sexy, and this is bothering you. Sometimes, hell, most of the time --- honesty is the best policy.

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