Sunday, April 13, 2008

Men Use Romance To Get Women And Women Use Men To Get Romance

Generally, but not always, men use romance to get women and women use men to get romance. And both men and women want love and fulfillment.

Romance "can" and often does bring fulfillment, but only when the intention behind the "idea" of romance is honest and authentic. If a man romances a woman just to get her in bed, then his intention is really dishonest. His romancing then isn't really love; it's more like Swiss cheese - full of holes with very little substance.

Men and Romance.

  • For those of you who do use romance as bait, please try to remember to continue to feed your prey, after you catch her. If you don't, she will leave. If she's smart and reads my columns, she will leave you. She should say adios amigo, because, when you stop romancing a woman you are neglecting her. You're telling her by your actions that she is no longer special.

  • I know this is hard for you to understand as you see romance as a means to an end. To you, romance is the way to get the woman. Once you've got her, you feel and think that you don't have to do anything more.

  • In your mind, you've achieved your goal, and now you can stop the romancing. She's already demonstrated that she likes you because she's chosen you. You no longer feel that you're a Wannabe. Your work is done. You're a couple. You've gotten the girl. Now you can get on with the rest of your life.

  • If this is your thinking, you need to wake up and smell the roses (the ones that you should be buying her on a regular basis). If you want to keep love alive, it's your job to make your woman blossom. A woman blossoms when she feels cherished, safe, and special. It's your job to provide the context for those feelings. Doing romantic things create the context.

  • Here's a secret about women and romance. Even though you and most other men hate surprises, women love them. When you surprise her, it shows that you took the time to think about her, that you wanted (of your own volition) to do something to make her happy, you're spontaneous and exciting, and you've created magic and passion. Women are suckers for passion and the feelings of magic. Just look at the fairytales we read and the chick flicks we watch.

Women and Romance.

  • If you measure a guy's love and commitment to you based on how and how much he romances you, you're in big trouble. Most guys, at least those that really love you and care about you, don't care a lot about romance but they do care about making you happy and feeling special. Let them make you happy. It's up to you to let them make you happy. After all, you are the Queen Bee, so you have the power.

  • If your man doesn't have a clue, and many men don't, then you have to teach him what you need and train him in a way so that he feels good about himself in giving you what you desire and need. If you don't know how to teach him, then suggest that he visit my site or Holiday gift of a coaching session with me.

  • Most women love romance. Now here's a great question. Do you really know why you desire romance and why it makes you feel so terrific? It's because you want to feel special and cherished. The way you feel cherished is by having your man romance you. Romancing you is measured and defined by your man giving you his attention, affection, and time.

Romance can be exciting. It can spice up any relationship and make it hot…hot…hot. It can bring two people close and it can also bring two people even closer. Romance can make a relationship magical. It can enhance an already great relationship or create an awesome relationship.

Romance requires imagination, creativity, vulnerability, and most of all the desire to give to your partner and make him or her happy. Romance shows your partner that you really care. It's an opportunity to express your love in a very revealing, authentic and vulnerable way.

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