Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Love-o-meter: Assess your relationship.

You've got love. You've got a relationship. But what's it like?

As Shakespeare says, "To thine own self be true." The Love-o-meter helps you assess the relationship you're in. Is your relationship "as good as it gets?" Hot! Hot! Hot! You call this a relationship? Great sex but can we talk? Friends to the end?

Find out here. Although there are many different aspects to a relationship, in the Love-o-meter, rate each of these three elements: Passion, Emotional Intimacy, and Commitment.

0 - 5 is the rating scale, where:
0 = none
5 = high


Commitment is 0 or 5. You are either committed or you're not. Your partner is either committed or s/he is not. It takes two to have a committed relationship.

High score in passion, intimacy and there's a commitment: This is as good as it gets! You've got a house of love.

High score in passion and intimacy, no commitment: You've got a great foundation. The right building blocks for the house of love are there. You're moving in the right direction.

High score in passion, some intimacy, no commitment. Nurture this relationship. It needs more intimacy for it to grow and expand.

High score in passion, no intimacy or commitment: Hot! Hot! Hot! Be careful, you might get burned. You need much more than passion to make a relationship grow.

High score in passion and there's a commitment, some or no intimacy: You jumped into the relationship way too soon. This relationship is probably doomed because you didn't take the time to build real intimacy. Since an essential building block of the house of love is intimacy, your foundation isn't solid. The scenario goes like this: You met, great chemistry so you jumped into bed, you thought this was your soulmate, you made the commitment. But you didn't take the time to "intimately" get to know this person and see if you're compatible. If you find you're not compatible, then watch how fast anger, hurt, blame, frustration, and resentment rear their ugly little heads in the relationship.

Some/no passion, some/no intimacy, no commitment: Sounds like a flat line to me. Are you sure you're not dead?

There's a commitment, some/no intimacy and some/no passion: You may be walking around, but you've joined the dead. Wake up.

High score in intimacy, some passion, no commitment: Can you say friendship? You like him or her, but you're not the dynamic duo.

High score in intimacy, there's a commitment, some passion: Your love house is built on a solid foundation. You've been together a long time. You genuinely love and like your partner, who is also your best friend. Your house can and will weather any storm, because of the intimacy you share and your commitment. A good movie to see is The Story of Us.

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