Sunday, April 13, 2008

How To Make A Man Feel Loved

Unlike us gals, who love gifts and stuff, that doesn't seem do it for him. He wants to feel he is your hero. He needs to believe, at least in his own mind, that he is the center of your universe. When you do the following, it reinforces his belief and he feels loved. Gals, you're hearing it straight from the mouth of stallions.

  1. Feeling admired and respected by her.

  2. She makes me feel that I'm her hero.

  3. She lets me know that she wants me.

  4. She's there for me. I can depend on her when I need her.

  5. She's consistent.

  6. She laughs at my jokes.

  7. She listens to me and is interested in what I have to say.

  8. She trusts me completely.

  9. She offers tenderness without my having to ask for it.

  10. She's always honest.

  11. Her thoughtfulness. She will just handle something that's pressing on my plate.

  12. She thinks with an open heart and a listens with an open mind.

  13. She takes an interest in my hobbies because she knows it's important to me.

  14. She is continually impressed by me.

  15. She is constantly falling in love with me over and over again.

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