Friday, April 11, 2008

Don't Give Up on Love!

Those who think that war is hell, obviously never dated. Being in the dating trenches is real hell. Finding love and keeping it alive and well can be a bitch. But love, when we're in it, is wonderful. Even though dating may be hell, just remember that but being in love is pure heaven and, often, well worth everything we go through to find it.

Like you, I hate all those unmet expectations, those unfulfilled hopes, all those dates with frogs and ducklings, the tears, the pain, the compromises, the settling, the rejections, the break ups, the make ups, the relationships that didn't work, the divorces, and all the other stuff that comes with finding love. Yes, it can be a bitch, but don't give up on love. If you give up, you'll never find it and you'll never have a good healthy relationship because you'll always carry in your heart a "secret heartache," a longing to love and be loved.

Here's my list for Don't Give Up! Got any to add? Send me yours.

  • Don't give up on love and settle for just sex

  • Don't give up on relationships even if you have a sad track record. Records are made to be broken.

  • Don't give up on love because life is half-full. Get over the half-empty

  • Don't think that there's just one soul-mate for you in the universe

  • Don't continuously try to make something work because you're afraid to go back into the dating trenches. Stop wasting time on the wrong partner. Don't know if it's time to go? Play connect the dots with your relationship and your partner's behavior. You'll know.

  • Don't give up because of your own fear of real intimacy. It is possible to share your thoughts and feelings with a member of the opposite sex and not die.Don't give up on love because you're tired of dating frogs and ducklings.

  • Don't give up on love and let regret hold you back from loving again or from being in a relationship

  • Don't give up on love because it's sometimes easier to say goodbye.

  • Don't give up on love because it doesn't look the way you think love should look.

  • Don't give up on love because you haven't found it yet. Love could be just around the corner or through the next door you open.

Yes it's true, dating is hell and finding a good relationship can be hard. But love, like coffee, is soooooo grr-eat when it's hot.

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