Sunday, April 13, 2008

Connect the dots. Is you partner behavior bliss or miss?

Take this test and see your partner's behavior patterns. Get the real picture of your relationship.

Remember as a kid how the game Connect the Dots gave you a clear picture when you played it? Play it again today, but play it with your relationship. It may give you the same clear picture. Instead of connecting the dots, connect the patterns of behavior of your partner to get the big picture of your relationship.

How to play the game:

* Write down 5-10 situations that involved you and your partner.

* Write down his or her behaviors in each situation.

* Connect the dots. What do you see? What's the prevailing thread?

* What's the pattern of your partner's behaviors?

* How do you feel about his or her behaviors and the patterns?

* When you connect the dots of the patterns of behavior what do you get? What do you really see about your relationship? Do you see what's really there or what you want to believe is there?

This is the same game you played as a child. Just as you connected the dots to get the picture that was on the page, now when you connect the dots of your relationship, you'll find out what's really going on.

Remember, when you change the patterns you change the picture. Happy drawing!

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