Friday, April 11, 2008

Confused? Here Are My Politically Incorrect Dating Practices

Confused about the Rules and roles? These days, who isn’t? No one seems to know who is supposed to do what. When is it okay for a guy to be a hero and come to the aid of a woman? To be chivalrous and complimentary? To pick up the check? When is it appropriate for a woman to be the aggressor and tough? To pull back, to be soft and feminine? No one knows what is expected or how to behave anymore.

The problem is men are confused how to treat women because women are confused about how they want to be treated. Some women just want to be treated as equals; some act "very male" and expect to be treated as ladies; while others always maintain their feminine side. What’s a guy to do? Men are hesitant to act like gentlemen for fear that the woman will be a feminist and not a feminine woman. He never knows what will happen to him if he opens the door for her or picks up the check. If his radar is wrong, (you know men hate to be wrong or ask for directions) she might read him the riot act. No guy wants to get blasted or feel rejected by a woman.

That’s why I’ve created Becky’s politically incorrect dating practices to help you achieve relationship success. Since singles are more confused than ever about their roles, I am going to clear it up. Guys are guys 24/7 so they don’t have to face an identity crisis. They always know who they are and that their role is to troll for women. Once they find them, they protect, provide for and serve them. Ladies have it much harder because they are expected to be masculine from 9-5 at work, and feminine the rest of the time. Masculine men work well with masculine women but are attracted to and have relationships with women who are feminine. I know this isn’t fair, but who ever said life was fair, girlfriends?

As for the rules, they may be good reeling in a catch, but not for sustaining healthy relationships. Men and women need to be true to who they are and revel in their authentic selves. If you’re a guy, follow these dating practices and keep behaving like a guy 24/7. Keep acting like a hero and you will find that "special" woman who will appreciate you as the hunter, protector, and provider that you are. Ladies, it’s up to you to let the man be the man and allow him to be your hero. I know that in the year 2000 you’re independent, self-sufficient, and you don’t need a man. He knows that you don’t need him, but he doesn’t know that you really want him. You need to do your best to let him know that you do want him.

Becky’s Politically Incorrect Dating Practices

  1. Men act like men – Women act like women.
    Men troll and pursue – Women attract and let themselves be pursued - they do not try to find men.

  2. Women make themselves approachable – Men approach.
    Women give men visible cues that indicate it’s safe to enter "friendly" territory. A woman can smile, make eye contact, tilt her head, and maintain an open body posture to let a guy know that she’s not enemy territory.

  3. Men call – Women pick up the receiver. Men ask women out – Women respond.
    Men do the asking because it gives them control. But along with the control comes the risk of being rejected. Women have to wait to be asked, and that’s sometimes hard, but it makes them feel special. Women have all the power; because they are the ones who choose which man they want to go out with.

  4. Men pick up the tabs, open the doors, are chivalrous, and behave like gentlemen. Women allow themselves to receive from men because that’s the feminine nature. It’s up to a woman to let a man know how much she appreciates being treated like a lady.

  5. Men really want to give to women and make them happy. When a man feels he has succeeded in making a woman happy, he is satisfied with the job he’s done. A smart woman lets a man do his job instead of trying to do his job for her.

  6. A smart feminine woman knows she is independent, self-reliant, and can take care of herself but doesn’t throw it in a man’s face. And because she understands that being reliant doesn’t mean being needy, a feminine woman is secure enough in herself that she doesn’t have to prove her independence, so it’s okay to let a man do what he does best – provide, protect, and serve.

Try out these dating practices and see if they work for you. Who knows, you just might stop being confused and start having a great relationship.

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