Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Commandments for your Dating Woes!

O.K. here you are wondering what to do next. Should you call? Should you not call? Should you ask him/her out first? Woe is we! Some dating issues are so plain cut and dry that we oftentimes do not recognize them; even when they're right in front of our face.

If you really did have a great time on that first date, yet he/she now seems hard to get in touch with, or you can get in touch with him/her, but he/she just don't seem the same... that ever happened to you? I know it's not fair for people to be dropping hints, but in a case like this one, take the hints and run with them. We don't have any precious time to waste, can I get an amen?!

If you haven't heard from him/her in a while, Please, please, PUHLEEZE don't call a person with this lame, weak line, "whatcha doing?" It's obvious he/she wasn't thinking about you, or they would have called you, not vice versa - PLUS people hate that line. Don't let anyone talk to you in a drab, boring, I wish he/she would leave me alone tone of voice. Again, if they're dropping hints, pick them up. You deserve to be happy and hanging on the phone trying to make a conversation alone isn't fun, not fun at all.

On to the commandments. These commandments should offer you insight on some of the dating dilemmas you may be experiencing right now. We hope you find them useful and take them to heart.

Becky's Commandments of Dating!

Thou shalt NOT date a married man/woman
Thou shalt NOT confuse Sex with a Relationship
Thou shalt NOT play with another person's emotions
Thou shalt NOT engage in any type of sex without protection
Thou shalt NOT think a bad relationship is better than no relationship
Thou shalt NOT wait by the phone. Ever.
Thou shalt NOT love any man/woman more than oneself
Thou shalt NOT try to change him/her
Thou shalt NOT confuse playing hard to get with being hard to get
Thou shalt NOT try to remain friends after it ends
Thou shalt NOT engage in sex too soon
Thou shalt NOT do desperation or dependency
Thou shalt not put up with any relationship that is less than satisfying to you
Thou shalt have a strong sense of self esteem
Thou shalt learn the true meaning of the words I Love You
Thou shalt know when it's time to Let Go
Thou shalt realize you can't buy love
Thou shalt believe any man/woman who tells you he/she is NOT interested in a relationship
Thou shalt take responsibility for thine own part in the relationship. The bitter AND the sweet.
Thou shalt have a life outside of your romantic interest.

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