Sunday, April 13, 2008

Be the Queen Bee and Start Attracting Men

You my dear are the Queen Bee. It's your job to attract men who are worthy of you and want to be with you. It's their job to come to you. 

 Men hunt. They hunt for you. Let them find you. You don't find them.

Since you're the Queen Bee, guys are wannabes. They wannabe with the Queen Bee. They wannabe chosen by you. 

The person who has the power of choice, has all the power. And you're that person. You are the one who chooses the man you want to be in your life. Men understand this quite well; they know that women really have the power. Once you realize that you have the power, don't give it away, lose it or abuse it. Follow these tips and watch out girl!

  • Men give, Queen Bees receive. Men go after... Queen Bees magnetize to...

  • Make men heroes. Practice ooh-ing and ahh-ing. Some of us need lots of practice with this one.

  • Guys love being in the company of those women who make them heroes Women who genuinely respect and admire men will constantly attract men. (big surprise!)

  • Men think, lead and do, Queen Bees may think but they primarily feel and respond to men.

  • A man will be around a woman who makes him feel good. He will want to protect her, provide for her, and try to make her happy. A man really does want to make a woman happy, because in return, he knows he will get what he wants, which is continued appreciation, admiration and respect. (Men may be simple but they're no fools).

  • Men need purpose. Women are their purpose. Men work hard to achieve success so they can give it all to their women who will appreciate and admire them even more.

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