Sunday, April 13, 2008

Are You Successful in Business but Not in Love?

Do you look like a woman but act like a man…even when you're away from work?

In business, acting like a man works. It has gotten you this far in your career. But being an alpha female, acting like a man, outside of work, hasn't done much for your social life has it?

Think about this. If you had spent as much time sharpening your feminine skills as you did your masculine traits, you would be as accomplished in your personal life today as you are professionally.

Now stop thinking about what you didn't do. That's over! Look in the mirror. Say good bye to that alpha female and say hello to that fabulous femme fatale. From this moment on, start becoming the feminine woman you are.

It will take some work to change and to not fall back into those familiar patterns. But, I'm telling you, if you do bring out your feminine side, men will flock to you and fall all over themselves trying to date you.

At work, stay in your masculine energy. I want you to stay successful at work and become more successful. But when you leave the office, immediately and consciously get back in touch with your feminine side.

You're probably shaking your head and saying, "It's not fair. Men don't have to change roles or identities." My simple response to you is so what if it's not fair, who cares! Do you or don't you want happiness with a wonderful man?

To find that happiness:

  • adjust your thinking. Alter the way you think about you, not the way you think them.

  • change how you respond to men and watch how differently they will respond to you.

  • realize that talking about change is easier than changing. Reward yourself every time you notice a feminine shift in your thinking and behavior

The following are some helpful hints to help you bring out your femininity.

  • Find a feminine role model who acts feminine.

    You're good at being an alpha female. Learn how to be a feminine female. Get a feminine mentor. Do you have any female friends who epitomize your idea of femininity? Talk to them. Tell them that you admire their feminine behavior, that you want to learn from them. Ask if you can use them as a resource. They are invaluable. Ask their opinions about how they respond or would respond to situations and various men.

    Assess the differences between the alpha female way and feminine female way.
  • Stop acting like a man when you're not at work.

    It's okay to be masculine at work, but be feminine the rest of the time. A man wants a woman to act like a woman, so he can act like the man. Men want to understand us, they don't want us to act like them. They are attracted to women who are feminine.
  • Notice your behavior. What are your familiar behavioral habits? Do you react more than respond? Are you more active instead of passive? More into giving rather than receiving?

    Feminine women respond, are passive, receive and are open to receiving.
  • Become consciously aware of how you usually respond to people and situations. Is your male side or feminine side dominant most of the time? Do you automatically slip into a take charge mode? Are you more comfortable in your maleness than your femaleness?

    Feminine women let men lead. You can be strong, just be feminine. Let the man take charge. Stop trying to dominate and control everyone and everything. Start using your femininity to attract what you want.
  • Stop aggressively trying to get someone or something or trying to make "it" happen.

    Feminine women don't make things happen. They attract the things they want to happen and allow them to come to them. Allow yourself to receive "it." Be willing to receive. Believe that you're worthy to receive it.
  • Stop being so tough. Become soft and lead with your femininity.

    Use your feminine traits to respond to a man and a situation. Practice using feminine behavior to replace your "all too familiar" masculine standing operating procedures.

It's hard to go from an alpha female to a feminine female or better yet a femme fatale. Check out the following guidelines to help you become as successful in love as you are in business. And let me know which ones work best for you.

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