Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Are YOU the ONE?

How do you know if HE/SHE is the right one?….

The question was, how do you know if he/she is the right one?… Well for one there really is no clear cut answer. Why? Because for one, NO ONE is PERFECT. That being the case, one would always find something in particular wrong with another person. Why? Because, there will always be something wrong with another person. No one is perfect, remember?

With that being said, the thing which one may want to look for in a perspective ‘perfect person’ is communication. If you haven’t been physical with the person, what are the things you like or dislike about the individual? How are you two together in public? How are you two together in private? Do you really like the person? A funny thing, I’ve heard and have also experienced myself, being in love with a person but not particularly liking the person. That’s not really hard to do, but it is not easy to live with. So again, I ask, do you REALLY like the perspective mate?

Us guys are almost always apt to look at the prettiest face or the widest hips, but close your eyes for a moment and visualize the person with horrible breath and matted hair, how would you feel about them then? The reason I ask that question is, you would have to learn to accept and/or disseminate the good with the bad and/or the pretty with the not so pretty. Are we really mature enough to handle that? Or are we so superficial and immature to just want the pretties ‘arm-piece’ that we can show off to our friends to make ourselves look good in the process?

How often do we or have we bypassed someone or something that didn’t look or seem quite as appealing to the eyes at first sight for something we thought had greener grass with greener pastures, only to find out that the green we thought we saw was merely polish and would smudge off at the first sight of rain?

This is when we have to dig deep into ourselves with retrospect and consideration for what works best for us; not what always looks best to us. No no… I’m not saying beauty is taboo or something you shouldn’t consider while seeking a potential partner, you should always be attracted to something a person has or projects. I don’t mean a particular body part either. I’m speaking about something much deeper than that. Maybe a warm smile, the way the person walks, with style, class, dignity and with a sense of purpose.

Remember….beauty (whether it’s male or female) is only skin deep!… So if you want to fall deeply and madly in love with a person, give it some time. Look to fall in love with their personality, their spirit, their purpose. No two people are alike, we all know that but, if two people are un-equally yoked, the relationship will never get past the bedroom.

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