Sunday, April 13, 2008

30 Ways To Make Woman Fall In Love With You

  1. Call her the next day.

  2. Call her the next day and, clinch the deal, send flowers.

  3. Tell her you can hardly wait to see her again - and be authentic about it.

  4. Tell her, "it doesn't matter what she does, you'll love her anyway."

  5. Make her laugh.

  6. Listen to her and be supportive of her work. Go on and on about what she's doing. Tell her you think it's great - and mean it.

  7. Put a flower on her pillow.

  8. Give her a bubble bath first, then jump in.

  9. Take her on a romantic getaway for a long weekend.

  10. Do something special to celebrate your anniversaries, holidays and special occasions.

  11. Tell her you still think she's beautiful.

  12. Tell her you are more attracted to her body than ever. Then give her a day of beauty at the spa because you love her body so much.

  13. Call her in the middle of the day to tell her you're thinking of her.

  14. Bring her flowers because you cherish her.

  15. Bring her chicken soup when she's sick.

  16. Show her that you treasure her by rubbing her feet.

  17. Show her you adore her by giving her a back rub. Don't even think of asking for one back.

  18. Wash her hair.

  19. Bring her breakfast in bed.

  20. Do something that you know will make her happy, like tickets to the theater, symphony, going to a chick flick, or just being helpful.

  21. Line the path leading to the bedroom with rose petals.

  22. Make up the bed with jersey sheets. Oooh, they feel soooo good.

  23. Tell her you love her.

  24. In the middle of dinner lean over the table and kiss her.

  25. Surprise her with a romantic evening.

  26. Be consistent. Call when you say you'll call. Do what you said you would do.

  27. Don't let her or you go to sleep angry.

  28. Give her a written list of the reasons you're crazy about her.

  29. Never stop trying to be her hero. Keep trying to impress her.

  30. Never forget how much she means to you.

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