Sunday, April 13, 2008

20 Ways To Attract A Man

  1. Be authentic. Men love women who are real, because those women are open, honest, trustworthy, warm, have a certain softness and are vulnerable.

  2. Authentically be and think feminine in your body, mind and heart.

  3. Let a man be the man in the relationship.

  4. Keep remembering that you're the Queen Bee. You attract wannabes (men who are worthy of you and want to be with you). 

  5. Live Shari's Golden Rule: You only love men who love you.

  6. No running after or trying to find men. Men are the pursuer, you are pursued. You are worthy enough to be pursued, and remember the golden rule.

  7. Be vulnerable. Let down the armor.

  8. Allow men to do things for you. Come to expect it, but don't take it for granted. Always thank a guy for whatever he does for you. Praise him.

  9. Walk around being open and receptive (that's feminine energy), not closed, tough and aggressive (which is masculine energy). Men want to be in relationship with their energy opposite, so if a man is being his masculine energy then he is looking for feminine energy to complete him.

  10. Men love to talk about themselves. Be a good listener. Ask open-ended questions that give them the opportunity to talk about themselves.

  11. Men want to be admired and respected, in spite of their faults. So praise and reinforce them. Don't criticize, blame, show disapproval or condemn. Guys aren't always right, even though they think they are. You don't always have to make them right, just don't make them wrong.

  12. Men love to impress women. Ask questions that will give him the opportunity to impress you. Ask then shut up, listen, and praise accordingly.

  13. Surrender the battle and win the war. Being aggressive and combative is not the way to win men and get a date. Men are warriors. They don't want to be conquered. Don't try to conquer them. Remember how caged animals can be!

  14. Don't call a guy. Let him pursue you. Force him to chase you, but also let him capture you. Men have to win and know that they can win with you.

  15. Don't plan out the dates. Let him. It's his job to impress you and try to make you happy. It's your job to respond not control.

  16. Be alluring and mysterious.

  17. Laugh at his jokes, no matter how stupid they are. I'm a comic. I know how difficult this one can be, but oh well.

  18. Make him feel wanted and needed. This requires vulnerability on your part.

  19. Let him know he can depend on you. Men like consistency and dependability.

  20. Have fun being feminine, foxy, fascinating and fawned over. Like the commercial says, "You're worth it."

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  1. #18 is difficult ya know- I actually never looked at it that way, but this week, while speaking to somone I am getting to know I kinda began mentioning that I was interested in him & boy did I feel vulnerable. The whole page is chock full of interesting ideas though. Thanks- Grace