Monday, March 31, 2008

Tips for an erotic experience: The Hot Tub

Doctors extol the virtues of the hot tub for relaxation and stress relief; and everyone knows that sex is better when you are relaxed. So the natural pairing would be sex and the hot tub.

Hot tubs are available in many shapes and sizes, from a small two-person variety to a 12 to 16 person party tub. A few are made of wood, but most are made of fiberglass. Yet others are made of concrete and are attached to an in-ground pool. Whatever size or configuration your tub is, it will still provide the same quality of relaxation and pleasure.

Hot tubbing is best undertaken with at least one or more people and preferably in the nude. The social value alone makes up for the money spent on the tub. The relaxation and nearness of naked flesh can lead to erotic moments. The water can be used beneficially as lubricant while having intercourse. The warmth of the water and the motion of the bubbles can increase pleasure many times over. A well-placed jet is a thing to behold!

The jets in a hot tub are powered by water pressure that is created by the tubs circulating pump. Newer hot tubs have jets that can oscillate and perform most of the same tricks your shower massager can, only in a more confined area. The older ones don?t do as many tricks but can be adjusted to suit the user. In the older tubs there is at least one jet for each recommended occupant, so no one is left out. Many tubs have variable speed jets, as well as bubbles that rise up from the seats. Sitting in a hot tub with the bubbles on low, is like sitting inside of a glass of cola; the bubbles rise up around you and fizz gently.

Foreplay in the Tub
Foreplay in the hot tub is rewarding and it can just end at foreplay (to be continued outside of the tub) or it can continue on, either way, the hot tub is a great sex aid.

While seated across from each other, exchange foot massages. Start by gently rubbing the feet and between the toes. It is always fun to have your partner suck on your toes after they have been in the hot tub for awhile, you know the feet are clean. Massage the whole leg, and move up the thigh, as you like.

Women, try aiming a jet so that the main flow on high pressure strikes right on your clitoris. You may have to hold the edge of the tube and kneel on the seat to get the right angle.

Men, you can enjoy the pleasures of the jet by aiming it so that the main flow goes right underneath you. Position yourself so that the flow goes right between your legs and make sure that it touches your scrotum and penis on the way out. You will have to back up to the jet and raise yourself slightly to allow the water to travel under you. High pressure may be too intense, so you might have to turn the jets down some.

Intercourse in the Tub
There are several positions that lend themselves to use in the hot tub, although it is always fun to experiment and come up with your own variations.

To get you started, try having a man sit on a flat seat (not a lounger) in the tub facing toward the center. Then the woman will straddle him, facing toward the outside of the tub. Ease yourself down onto his lap. You can put your feet on the seat behind him or anywhere that is comfortable. He can hold your waist or embrace your body in his arms. He can also hang on to the seat, or step for added stability. You can embrace his body in your arms or hold on to the side of the tub. Whatever you do, you need to hold on!

Another position you may want to try is to have the woman kneel on a step, facing outward. Then the man will kneel in the footwell behind you. You can hold on to the step or the edge of the tub. He will need to hold on to you, some way, or else you will drift apart. This position is also good for getting your shoulders and neck rubbed.

You may also have oral sex in a hot tub. One partner will need to sit on the edge of the tub, while the other remains at least partially in the water. Most hot tubs are a good height for this and it's kind of fun.

Really, it's Normal
Some people find that having sex in a hot tub is difficult. This is normal; not everyone experiences these sensations the same way.

Some men find it difficult to get or maintain an erection in the hot tub. This is common, and can generally be rectified by reducing the heat of the water.

Some women find that having sex in the hot tub causes them to get a vaginal infection. This is common, as well, and can be rectified by changing the chemicals used to sanitize the tub.

The best bet is to experiment. Try hotter water, cooler water, chlorine, bromine, or ozone. Experimentation will lead to the maximum pleasure for all concerned.

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