Monday, March 24, 2008

Make-up That Attracts vs. Make-up That Distracts

Before we dive straight into make up, let's visit the face first!

Skin is always in and good skin is one of the most attractive features a woman can have, so concentrate your time taking care of your skin, and you'll need less make-up to look gorgeous. The most attractive skin is measured by its smoothness, evenness of tone and pore size.

Here's how to get it! Make sure all products in your cabinet match your skins ever changing condition - your face soap especially. So take extra special care of dry skin with a quality creamy cleanser, and use moisturizer with sunblock to combat the drying effects of the sun. If you have normal to oily use a neutral pH product, but not one that leaves your face tight. You may be trying to get back at your oily skin, and enjoy the feeling of a perfectly oil free skin for a few moments, but your face will not appreciate the over zealousness, and the oil will return with a vengeance thanks to a reaction by sebaceous glands.

At night use a quality moisturizer with beta or alpha hydroxy to reveal fresher, newer skin underneath, and during the day use one with a UVA guard. These products will smoothen out the skin, even out tone reduce the appearance of pores.

The only other thing you can do to reduce the appearance of your pore size is to use a pore strip. The effects last about 2 days, and Biore's strips are the first and best on the market. That's it. Keep this routine consistent and you'll have the sexiest skin around

Okay, so now your ready to open up your make-up bag and get down to business. Wait. Before you continue on with your regular routine, rethink the point and start from scratch.

We all use makeup to be more appealing, so make sure your routine does exactly that. First rule of thumb is to know that your face is beautiful just the way it is. If you know this, you are at less danger of using make-up to hide, and using it to enhance instead. There always comes the point where any more is pointless, and then a hindrance.

A good rule of thumb is to remember that just because it's on the shelf, doesn't mean it has to be on your face. So let's start with a bare face and work our way up from there.

Foundation can be a great help to enhance the look of your skin, the sexiest organ there is. But it is also the trickiest makeup you own, and can easily foil your plans for great looking skin. About 45% of women would be greatly benefited by a different color foundation then the one they currently wear. Please don't let this be you. You spend countless hours picking out lipstick and eye color shades, but this time would be much better spent picking out the perfect color for your foundation.

Most over the counter make-up tends to be too pink for your face, but without proper lighting, you will be unable to tell. Remember, the whole point is to even out the tone, not paint over it with a new color! Go on a mission to get the perfect color for your face. Rule #1. Don't trust the woman at the cosmetics counter. She'll get you the closest shade they have, but it may not be the one for you. Be a stickler. Let the woman know you only want the perfect match. She'll understand, because she would NEVER settle for less than perfect for herself. Try the foundation on, walk out of the store with a compact into the sunlight and into the shade and see what happens. If it's not perfect - Don't buy it. If you bought it, don't wear it. Go for the sheerest texture you feel comfortable with.

Rule #2. Focus on 2-3 things that actually make you more attractive. Remember that too much make-up is often a pet peeve for men, and that goes double when it applies to the girl on their arm.

The first thing a man notices on a woman's face is her eyes, the second is her mouth. This makes it easy. If you only wear 2 pieces of make-up, make it lipstick/gloss and mascara.

Lips are an erogenous zone: When his eyes are focused on your mouth, he is focus on an erogenous zone and will react accordingly. Men are most attracted to lipstick colors in the red family, it simulates the sympathetic nervous systems reaction to sexual readiness. Read: A sexy mouth. Alright! Forget trend/cute colors, like hot pink, orange, gold or purple. They might get your man's attention, but he won't be thinking of kissing those lips. Use a lip liner in a close match to lipstick to smooth the shape of your lips (symmetry is attractive to the human eye and will draw his eyes to your sexy pout).

The eyes have it: We use them to communicate in countless ways including meet, greet, flirt, tell who we are, react and explain - and according to a recent study by UCLA, 65% of men say they are the first thing they notice about a woman. You want him to focus on your eyes, so that he is looking into you, not over you, and here he will meet the woman he will get to know. Don't let your make-up be a hindrance here. It is a mistake. Common mistakes are too much eyeliner, non-neutral colors (green, blue, purple, orange).

Widen your eyes with a light color on the brow and close to the lash, and a neutral color in the middle.

Use a quality soft-black or black mascara and use no more than 2 coats. Clumpy mascara is never attractive. This will draw attention to the eyes, and let you bat like a pro!

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