Monday, March 31, 2008

Keep The Love Alive: Ten Steps You Can Take To Please Your Mate

1) Say I Love You But Show It Too
Kisses good morning and goodnight work wonders, but kisses throughout the day are even better. So are hugs.

2) Be Supportive, Using ?I? Language
When discussing our feelings we should say how we feel instead of interpreting how the other feels. Avoid verbal attacks, like ?you never?.? or ?you always?.? Nobody ?never ? or ?always? ANYTHING, anyway!

3) Avoid Secrets
Secrets are nearly always at the detriment of relationship. Gifts, however, don?t count, since they are ?surprises.?

4) Be Honest, But Caring
Consider your partner?s feelings when speaking your mind. Explain if your annoyance is because of some other source, as well. Listen openly and ask questions to understand each other.

5) Have Sex Instead of Argue
Couples seem to verbally fight to gain sexual tension. Just avoid that and get to bed at decent time. Make love instead of war.

6) Exchange Massages
A wonderful tension reliever also, this shows us physical love and will sometimes lead to sex (if we stay awake that long). Don?t limit yourself to backs: rub arms, legs, etc?

7) Write A Love Note
It takes no time to write a loving thought to make your partner?s day. A thanks-for-this or an ?I love you? for that brightens an otherwise dull day. It?s also a permanent record of your feelings that may be kept.

8) Light Candles
During dinner, even if you have kids. For a bubble bath (after the kids sleep), and slip in together. Light them in the bedroom, so you watch romantic love bloom above the covers.

9) Let Little Things Slide
So the toilet seat was up (again). So her cooking ain?t the greatest. Will saying so add anything positive to your day? I didn?t think so.

10) Buy A Sexy Gift
Sexy, not slutty. Perfume is a nice thought, but find out her brand first. Know whether he prefers silk boxers or briefs. Buy roses or jewelry for either sex, but visit the sex store together.

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