Monday, March 24, 2008

Getting Him To Notice You

Okay, so you have a guy in mind, but so far all you've got is a hello and maybe a goodbye. You may even have occasional small talk, but that's not what you're interested in. Wearing your cutest outfits hasn't gotten you where you want so far, so now what? Here's a few idea to put you in the right light, and to get him to notice you. Don't just read them, do them!

Throw a party at your house, and let him know "you would love to see him there." Then let him see how confident you are as a host a great party. Let him see all your friends around you. This is great way to have other people discuss you in a positive manner. And a party makes you the common denominator, inevitably you get a great deal of positive love and attention, what else can he think of you except that you must be great! Let him see how creative, spontaneous, and interesting you are even before you say one word to him. Let him see what a great cook you are, and how generous you are.

Under any circumstances, DO NOT:

  • Get intoxicated,

  • Have an argument with anyone

  • Look nervous and ask everyone if they're having a good time

  • Start cursing when something burns or spills

  • Act loud and silly to get his attention - trust me, it's your party, you've
    got his attention


  • Remember to introduce him to everyone at the party and make him feel absolutely
    as comfortable as possible;

  • Make sure he's not a vegetarian, and serve only burgers and hot dogs;

  • Invite people you know to stir up trouble or who may try to belittle you;

  • Wear something functional (since you're the host and will be moving around
    a lot), but form fitting (not tight);

  • Make sure your home is IMMACULATE (remember he may start thinking about
    a relationship with you as soon as his first conversation with you);

If you work with him:

Start something fun that will involve people at the office: Like an activity board, or charity function: This will give you an opportunity to:

  • Show off your skills;

  • Become a focus for positive attention;

  • Have people start talking about you in a positive way (it'll get back
    to him);

  • Have a good reason to have an extended conversation with him, ask his
    advise or involve him.


  • Look helpless hoping he'll feel an insatiable need to save you from your
    own disaster

  • Always shrugging, looking flustered, making jokes about messing up something
    in front of your boss.


  • Let him know you are in total control of your destiny by always looking
    like everything's going smoothly;

  • Let him know that you're interested in the way his department functions.

  • Ask him relevant questions, to which the answer may involve your department.

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