Monday, March 24, 2008

Flirting Moves That Get His Attention - And Keep It!

So you know that flirting is good for you, right? Of course it is. Flirting with the opposite sex gets your blood pumping, increases the oxygen flow to your brain, and steps up your self esteem. Sounds as good as exercise to me. So why not exercise your flirtatious skills every day.

Here are a few more reasons why flirting can be good for you. It gets you the guy you want. This silent language that signals interest mixed with intent is spoken all over the world. Now it's your turn to let him know the time is now. Okay, okay, we all know the basics. Woman walks into place, and her eyes land on a man she finds tickles her fancy. She plays with her hair, licks her lips, stands a little taller.
He pushes his chest out, laughs loudly, produces an almost cocky smile. With both signals blazing even from across the room, the signs are received and the two somehow meet. Wonder why?

Not so amazing, flirting is a relatively risk free mechanism to attract attention and signal personal information to the member of the opposite sex. Non-verbal signals that relay information are the flirting moves that will offer the most payback. Fingering Hair: Full, well kept hair relays biological information that indicated good health. Sensual walk in a form fitting dress: Makes body look curvier. An important attractant. Reddish lipstick, full lips: Symbolizes sexual maturity and sexual receptivity. Arching Eyebrows: Makes eyes look larger - Well you get the idea. So this is why we flirt, and another reason it's important to understand the importance of body confidence before you get out there.

Flirting is a way of communicating interest and intent to people we don't yet have direct

contact with. Our human ancestors and our animal counterparts have flirted since the beginning of time. Subtle or obvious visual signal convey specific information, and allows the intended recipient to gauge who you are, what you want and other information. A sexy form of advertising. The language is universal. All over the world women and men mimics strategies even though they have never come in contact. Flirting is Progressive. Initial flirting, engaged look, then diverting the eyes, hands on hips, drawing the eyes to the lower part of the body turns into an accidental meeting.

Okay, so we know that flirting is good for you, it's fun, and it works. So what now? Get out and DO IT.

Tips for the shy - Use your vivid imagination and walk through a mental picture of your doing every single one of these flirting tips, it'll make it easier - I promise.

At a party, gathering or social setting:

You see him from across the room, make subtle eye contact. A moment later, make real eye contact, smile and look away. This signals interest, no debate about it. He will know.

If you are introduced by someone, be sure to shake hands.

Repeat his name after it's told to you. Repeat it during the first conversation. Every man loves to hear his name said by a woman, and this way your more likely to remember it.

Ask open ended questions (not one answered by 'yes' or 'no').

Listen intently and ask a follow up.

Flattery will get you everywhere. Nothing too obvious though.

Very subtly mimic his posture and voice tone and speed. He will feel an instant bond!

Play with your hair while looking at him, with a subtle smile

Look slowly around the room while he talks to you, elongated and giving him ample time to look at your arching neck.

Approaching him:

  • Ask where he got his tie/shirt/other clothing, you'd like to pick up a similar item for your brother/father
  • Just walk up to him and ask him he saw "recent concert/big show" No matter yes or no, say oh you heard someone talking about it and you thought it was him.
  • If you're at a party, just walk up to him and ask him who he knows there. Probably you know some of the same. Compliment one of them.
  • Confess something (maybe something he can relate to) "Wow, it looks like I'm the only one who didn't bring something to the party. I was just in such a rush, I didn't have time.

And now a few don'ts:

Try not to fidget. Don't stare. Don't mention looking for someone, or your family problems, or any problems for that manner. Don't tease, or try to seem easy, or be overtly sexual. Don't keep your arms and legs crossed out of nervousness, this is very closed body language.

Basically, it doesn't matter too much what you say as long as you approach with confidence but in a casual manner. Men enjoy meeting women who seem nice and intelligent, and who take care of how they look. Yes, they want to meet you, so put your shyness behind you and go for it!

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