Monday, March 24, 2008

End of Relationship Warning Signs

One or both partners may exhibit the following warning signs and changes:

Contact: Contact between partners diminishes. Phone calls lessen in frequency or length, e-mails drop off, and time spent together becomes less and less.

Mood Changes/Irritability: One or both partners are edgy and are often in a bad or depressed mood. Little things about their partner may irritate them and they seem more touchy, sensitive, argumentive, and hypervigilent.

Secretive: One or both partners are suddenly secretive about where they are going, or who they've been with. They whisper when speaking on the phone, or tell the party calling that they'll call them back.

The Here & Now: One or both partners suddenly stop talking about the future. Making plans for upcoming events suddenly stops.

Separation: One or both partners seem to be spending more time with friends or visiting their family. One or both partners somehow end up in separate rooms during the evening, and spend more time than usual falling asleep on the couch. One or both partners plan separate weekend activities.

Communication: One or both partners avoid in depth conversations, preferring to answer questions or inquiries with a quick yes or no. One or both partners get overly absorbed in a television show or book. The table is quiet during meals, and the mornings spent with one or both partners noses stuck in the newspaper.

Criticism: One or both partners suddenly seem overly critical of the other, concentrating on the other's flaws or faults, or perceiving faults where there really aren't any. One or both partners exhibit delusions, seeing things that are wrong with their partner or relationship, when in reality these really don't exist.

Intuition: You just have an unexplainable feeling that there is something wrong with your partner, or the relationship. You sense or have a gut-feeling that something is amiss.

Distance: One or both partners seem to be distant, distracted, or miles away in their thoughts. One or both partners are daydreaming more than usual.

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