Sunday, March 23, 2008

Determining Your Date's Integrity: Intuition

For over twenty years I have devoted myself to investigating the power of intuition. My passion is combining spirituality and intuitiveness with the everyday world. When clients come to see me, I listen to them not just with my intellect, but with my intuition, a potent form of inner wisdom not mediated by the rational mind. The magic of intuition is that it insists you live in the present moment -- without preconceived expectations so that you can see clearly.

Intuition is available to everyone and it can help to determine character and integrity in a potential date. A few simple steps can help you access it.

1. Notice Your Beliefs

To begin with, watch your own positive and negative attitudes. Do you surround yourself with friends who believe in the power of the heart? Are you jaded about love?

As you begin to watch those around you, you must first examine your own beliefs and how they affect whom you attract. You must then begin to seek out only friends and lovers who are life-enhancing -- which will make it all the more obvious when you encounter those who will mistreat you.

2. Use Your Body

Your body is a complex and sensitive sensor. To intuit integrity in others, you must be in your body completely. Most people live from their neck up ignoring the rest of their body (unless you're Bill Clinton . . .) But being aware of your body's signals will increase intuition and help you sense the early warning signals about dates and people.

Here are some physical signs to look for when evaluating the integrity of your dates. What does your gut say? Do you feel relaxed around them? Does your energy increase? Do you breathe more easily? Do you have a feeling of comfort, even inspiration, or love?
Or does your gut sense "danger," indicating that something just isn't right? Are you tense? Do your stomach and shoulders tighten? Do you feel uncomfortable, edgy, even want to physically move away? It may be that someone is saying all the "right things," yet your body is still registering dis-ease.
Being aware of your body's signals will increase intuition and help you sense the early warning signals about dates and people.

Pay attention.

Always factor your body's response into the overall assessment of an individual. Imagine this: a man or women walks in the room and you can't take you eyes off them. Your body gets tingly when you shake hands or even brush against them. And you know it not the electricity in the rug. So what does it mean? Your sixth sense is alerted to a calling of you heart or soul.

On the other hand if your stomach turns and you get the creeps, or if your skin claws when they touch you . . . LISTEN to the message. If you tune into the feelings your body sends, the red flag is always there. We need to pay more attention to these signs.

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